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Database - The Problem, the sloution

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Database write up The Problem: A video shop has recorded all of their customers on card and they find that the card can be easily damaged and hard to continuously organise. The old system is slow and tiring for the workers and can take large amounts of time and the customers have to wait long amounts of time. The current service is not satisfactory and customers have been going to competitors. The Solution: To convert the system to a sufficient standard being quick and affective. This would avoid all the problems of damaged cards and all the other problems involved. When using a database you can access other information quicker than off cards and as long as the software is being looked after the database will never get damaged. You can search all of the database very quickly using the search program. Also the database can be easily trained to new staff. In general the program is easy to use and the speed and quality of the new software will attract new customers and improve the morale of current members and staff. Software Available: Software Use Example Word Processor Produce documents, Letters etc. ...read more.


Then a search bar will appear at the top of the screen. This will then appear at the top of the screen you can then type what you are searching for in the yellow sections bellow. Type the name or addresses of a certain person or just get sections for a short list, such as all the misters for example. Relationships: Relationships between different fields are vital if the database is going to be used in a professional way. This way something written in one field can directly change the information in another. So sorts and searches can be more affective with the help of relationships. You can access the Relationships page by going onto any field in edit mode. You can access the edit mode by pressing f5. When in edit mode you should click on query/table at the top of the page and then scroll down to relationships. Validation and Verification: We verified our work by printing our work off and checking it we then marked any mistakes on the paper and then modified the database. We then printed our work off again and tested it again and again if we found any more mistakes then we changed the work in database. ...read more.


We made it quicker for the workers in the shop and the customers can no longer complain at the wait that the old system made. I also feel that the software was adequate and the staff would catch on to the new system quickly. The database is easy to learn and anybody with basic computer skills could use it. I could improve my database by making it more user friendly. I could do this by making instructions and guides to find your way around the database. In some ways my database could be easier to use by adding these instructions to help workers around the database. I have already added a menu hyperlink at the top of the screen to quickly access the homepage of the database. Datapower 2 has all the requirements available to complete a successful database and has been very user friendly to make for the video shop. It is easy to train people to use and it is quick to use and this will attract customers. Some of the other plus points of datapower 2 are the automatic things that datapower 2 does for you including writing letters and searches for names, addresses, and films etc. Overall I was happy with the software and the database I created filled all its requirements. Ian Skidmore 10N2 I.C.T ...read more.

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