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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1000

Datalogging project. Objectives 1. Measure temperature 2.Measure light intensity 3. Show data/results in table

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Data logging Coursework [Type the document subtitle] Write up Identify Background Information Environmental loggers (r) is a new Company based on 90 Birmingham roads. The company just opened few months ago. The company's business is on local level. Environmental loggers (r) wants to deliver office environmental checks such as. Temperature, light intensity, Environmental loggers (r) opened 2009/10/12. The company's board consist of 6(key) members * Manager (Mr Long) * Vice Manager (Mr Carrot) * Chair man (Mr Wood ) * Secretary (Mrs Paper) * Vice Secretary (Mr Folder) * Treasurer (Mr Coin ) The real user is the employees and the manager (Mr Long).He is the company's key person he is also the person that ordered this project The company's current problem is: * The company is new and has no previous documents * Company has not necessary equipments * Needs data logging system The reason why these problems have arisen is because the company is new. ...read more.


Objective Explanation Measure temperature My company wants to measure temperature , so we must be able to have equipment that measures temperature. Furthermore the equipment must be able to measure temperatures in minimum of 0.5Co.this objective is very important Measure light intensity My company wants to measure light intensity, so we must be able to have equipment that measures light. Furthermore the equipment must be able to measure light intensity differences in minimum of 1 lv. This objective is very important as well Show data/results in table The results must be shown in tables and graphs, the results must also be able to be processed by Microsoft Excel. My companies main focus is to sell this data to companies , which makes this objective the most important Application Advantages Disadvantages Data Logging * Accurate * Reliable * Easier * More features * Measures things people can't notice * Smaller range * Sensitive * Software needs to be purchased * Requires equipment * Needs computer system * Cots money Estimate(human) ...read more.


* Keyboard-mouse Logging hard ware * Temperature sensors (sensitivity of minimum o.5 C) * Light sensors * (sensitivity of minimum one candela ) Software * Windows Seven(tm) Home Premium(plat form ) * Necessary drives to additional hardware (mouse,keyboard,USB sticks ) * Graphic software * Web-browser * Microsoft Excel Data collection and Input Backup I will use Databases so I can back up my data, as it is small businesses I will Use only one hard drive on 500GB Memory to back up. The idea is that the company would have all information saved on one hard drive ..the hard drive will also operate 24hours a day. And the company will Install Antivirus Program as it reduces the risks of Data-loses. And in addition to that the company will Install Norton Ghost As it will help to prevent data loses in system crashes. Hardware * Hard drive * USB sticks Software * Recovery software * Software to operate the databases * Antivirus* *prevent/reduce risk of data loses Evaluation Objectives Achieved Measure temperature Measure light intensity Show data/results in table ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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