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Departments/functional areas.

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Departments/functional areas Richer sounds Marketing department: The marketing director (Claudia Vernon) and her colleagues do a number of tasks, I shall now go through these tasks. The marketing department analyses for feedback from customers and gets information about competitors to identify the future of the business. The marketing department also decides how to advertise and promote products and/or the business. Also, the marketing department produces in store catalogues and advertisements to go in the national press and specialist magazines. Designers create point-of-sale materials such as sings, price tickets, and leaflets. Point of sale make sure the store looks as interesting and as lively as possible so that it appeals to the customer. The marketing department is also responsible for the design, updating and analysing of the website. The marketing department researches the needs of key customers so that they can produce what the customers want such as: * Excellent value, reliable products * Accurate + truthful information * Friendly customer service * Stores being bright and lively The marketing departments researchers find out the needs of customers by: * Analysing till questionnaires * Obtaining key information about ...read more.


but it would take a lot more time and effort to do so, this is why the role of ICT is really important to help keep things running smoothly. Store operations department: Jez Arens heads the store operations department at Richer sounds and is assisted by colleagues who work in operations, distribution, service and repairs, and stock control. The colleagues work in the stores at different levels, from sales assistant to store manager. The stores are overseen by associate directors who are also managers themselves. The store operations department has a number of responsibilities that need to be acknowledged. These responsibilities are: * Setting the stores budget * Checking that all stores achieve their targets * Taking action if targets are not being met * Checking stock orders * Communicating with all stores * Deciding the minimum staffing level for each store * Organising store visits * Customising individual stores * Managing colleague problems * Ensuring store managers undertake health and safety risk assessments * Supporting and advising store managers and colleagues * Investigating any problems or discrepancies The store operations department sets sales targets to meet. ...read more.


How the departments work together: I think that the departments are setup very efficiently and are very organised in the way they communicate together. They all have access to email which is exceedingly useful as it allows not only the sending of text but also the sending of images and graphs etc in the form of attachments. Although the departments work together as quickly efficiently and easily as needed I still think that there is room for improvement, for example there could be a computer based message board system which would allow messages to be posted for workers to read, this would help by providing another easy to use form of communication that would work even if there is nobody to receive the message at the exact time that it was sent. It could also send graphs and images and would therefore make it invaluable and would be useful for certain circumstances where a phone would not be as useful, it would also work better than email and fax for certain situations as it could be read by all departments in all stores without having to send the message out to more than one place. ...read more.

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