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Describing the ICT systems of EDS.

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Describing the ICT systems of EDS The organisation, which I will be describing on how they use ICT is called EDS, EDS is situated in Milton Keynes. EDS was founded and set up in 1962 and it is the leading global information technology services company. EDS stands for Electronic Data Systems. EDS has approximately 137,000 workers in 60 countries and about 12,000 workers worldwide. This is 200 workers, which work part time, and 11,800 workers who work full time. In this essay I will describe the ICT hardware they use. EDS use mostly Laptops for their work because it's easy to move their laptop from company to company and once finished their work they put it away into a bag for carrying around. Software application used Purpose for using the application Microsoft Excel For spreadsheets and managing budget and their sales. Microsoft Access For making databases EDS uses a variety of hardware components is based on many hardware components. They have a variety of input devices, output devices and some storage devices. For a main processor they only use one processor which the Intel Pentium. I will describe more in the paragraph below. First of all they have input devices; these input devices are Mouse, Keyboard and a Scanner. They use a mouse for controlling Windows on the PCs and also to guide them on to where they want to go and what ...read more.


They use colour screens for their laptops and their desktops. The main processor they use is Intel Pentium 3, 850 MHz; they use Pentium 3 on all of their Computers and Laptops because its fast and also they say it's cheap to buy. The hardware, which they use for output devices are laser printers and Fax machines. They use laser printers instead of Inkjet printers and DeskJet printers because it's really fast at printing long documents and this helps them a lot because it prints out fast and they can get more work done in under a minute. It also helps them because it doesn't use a lot of Ink. They also say it "gives better quality instead of a DeskJet printer and an Inkjet printer". A laser printer has many communication ports but the one they use is USB port. Another output device, which the Organisation uses, is a Fax machine. The y use a Fax machine because they send visual documents to other companies, sometimes text too and messages, also not just to send messages but to receive messages too. To send messages they use a number, which is linked to the other company's fax machine and once the message is sent it automatically prints out what the sender wanted the viewer to see. ...read more.


This organisation use programs for making these documents and special work. The programs they use are all the Microsoft office. They use Microsoft Access for making Databases, which helps them make profiles of their EDS customers. This helps them because they can find a customer's name, address, postcode, and their telephone number quick. Additionally they use Microsoft Excel for making spreadsheets, which helps them manage their budgets and sales. Also they say, "It's a good storage media". Another program they use is Microsoft Publisher, they use this because to make newsletters for their company and to make their business cards. They told me that Microsoft Publisher increases their productivity and also by reducing time. In meetings they prepare presentations to show other EDS customers. To make these presentations they use Microsoft Power Point. This program helps them a lot because it creates good graphics presentation for customers to look out. Last of all they use Microsoft Word to create their documents and other work, then they send them of to different companies for them to be looked at. Finally this company have plans for the future to improve their productivity. Their plans are to upgrade their hardware to even better quality hardware and also to upgrade their software to better software. If these plans take place and work well then this will mean that it will improve their productivity by simplifying tasks and getting more work done. Page 1 Mohammed Mohammed 10 O 08 May 2007 Description of the ICT systems ...read more.

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