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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3303

Description of ICT Systems.

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APPLIED GCSE in ICT Unit 2 - ICT in Organisations Assignment 1: Description of ICT Systems Introduction Organisations today rely on ICT systems that are efficient and effective. ICT is used to communicate with suppliers and customers, manage finance and stock and to market products and services successful. In this assignment I am going to show the different in this assignment I am going to write about two organisations. One is about Hornsey School for girls and the second is a work experience placement in which I will be working in the Islington Council in the parking services and development management. Both of these organisations use ICT in many different ways which helps run the organisations. Hornsey School for girls Hornsey School for girls has 1450 students on roll. The number of planned admissions is 243. The school has a main purpose which is to teach over 1450 students including post 16 students which are over the age of sixteen. There are many departments in the school which use ICT including all subject areas for instance maths, English, science, drama, music, history, geography, dance, PE, etc. but the main areas are the library ICT rooms and also other classrooms where tutors and subject teacher use the computers for taking the register and also other important systems. The school also has partnerships with other schools such as Highgate wood school which are both specialist in performing arts. The school is very multicultural; it has many students from different races and religious backgrounds. Hornsey School uses ICT in three different ways. I am going to compare each way and write about their different features and why they are a main importance in the school and how they help including their advantages and disadvantages. There are three systems that are used with ICT in Hornsey School for girls. The three of the ICT systems used in Hornsey School for Girls is the library software, SIMS and finance software. ...read more.


It can also be used for problem solving to solve many problems that may occur in the system. This solves many technical problems in which may occur in the system. The emailing program can also create cash flow spreadsheets to have all the data of something specific in the schools system. These spreadsheets keep all the data of specific data which is used in the schools system. The impacts on working practice are that the administration is faster than the manual process. The same number of staff can perform more tasks in the same time span. Also the documents can be shared and reused and this saves time so that the procedure of retyping a similar document is not needed. There are also faster reporting methods which also save time instead of going through long procedures. Also there are faster communications by there being speedier decisions. Home, medical, attendance, school and examination assessments and results this holds all the data and saves time for the school to access the student's information. This shows its importance in its organisation for keeping all the data of the students correctly in a safe way. Advantages and disadvantages in the RM cash accounts Advantages in the system are that the RM cash accounts are faster than the manual bookkeeping methods. Other advantages of the RM cash accounts system are that using the system it is easier to handle large amounts of accounts. Also at a glance it would show the overview of accounts. Using the system also means that there is less paperwork which is very helpful in organisation. The system can also be used by several people at once this saves a huge amount of time which makes it all a lot quicker. The system also uses audit trails which make it easier tracking and this also saves time while making it easier. The system also warns of overspending which is a huge amount of help because it warns them if they are overspending and they are informed automatically through the system. ...read more.


All information needed from the Sims system is available from any computer in the school, which makes the system seem easily accessible. The SIMs system can also search for information easily. The system is user friendly and reports can be printed. However there are few breakdowns but backed up at end of day-data can be restored. Disadvantages in the SIMs system Disadvantages of the system are that the information can be updated if we are told which means that a lot more hard work has to be done in order for it to function properly. Also if the server is down the school cant access anything which may cause delays e.t.c. Impact of SIMs system on the organisation The impact on the organisation from the SIMs system is that it is a more efficient way of working, errors can easily be corrected using the system and staff at the school is able to research information. The organisation is smooth running and is government required. This causes the school to be more organised and up to date. Access and security To access the system there are different levels of access. The teachers can only view information by the read only access. The office staff read and write access to the records and they can edit records however this depends on their roles. The staff in the system are given username and passwords to access the system. How information is processed The SIMs is attached to a scanner so that information can be directly scanned. The registers are scanned using the scanner. Queries are used to print reports. The scanner enrols new students and is also used to scan pictures and it also updates and edits data. Verification The data sheets are sent to parents. Staff and parents are expected to confirm any changes. Everything in the system is proof read which makes everything certain. This is the school register used at Hornsey School for girls that stores all the students' attendance and punctuality for each period everyday that they attend school throughout the year. ...read more.

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