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Design a database to be used by a second hand car dealer to keep electronic records of the cars he has in stock.

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Task: Design a database to be used by a second hand car dealer to keep electronic records of the cars he has in stock. Analysis The Analysis Section is worth 9 marks. It is broken down into three sections, with each section worth 3 marks. Identify a Problem What is meant by a problem? It is very important that you understand what is meant by a problem - the project hinges on a good understanding of the problem and the solution. There are 3 marks for this part. A problem is a task that cannot currently be done, or a task that takes a long time and is difficult to do. For example, searching for cars that fit a certain requirement, such any car costing less than �3000 or all cars with electronic windows and central locking, can be done using paper-based card index files. However, it is awkward and very time consuming (particularly if you have hundreds of cars) so it is a problem and can be solved using a computer (in this instance by having a database of cars). The problem does not have to be complex - it can be very simple. The identification of the problem has four parts * Problem: * Why is it a problem: * Solution: * Software used: Problem: This is a simple statement of the problem. ...read more.


Inputs are most likely to be pieces of information. For example, with a second hand car dealership, the inputs will be all the information about a car. Outputs These are what comes out of the system - it could be letters, reports, graphs, etc. The outputs will be specific information. For example, in the second hand car dealership, one of the outputs will be information for customers about specific vehicles they are interested in. Processing This is what happens - actions within the system. For example, searching to find a vehicle costing less than �5000 would be - go to the filing cabinet find the all the record cards. Start with the first record and go through each record individually finding all those that cost less than �5000. Take them out of the records, photocopy the details and then put them back in their correct order in the filing cabinet The processing is searching and sorting System Specification For the final marks in this section you need to look at system specifications. A systems specification is a list of hardware and software that you will use to solve the problem. You do not need to mention specific details (such as software names) - general types of software is all that is required. ...read more.


Although the two are separated below, at the bottom of this section there is an indication of how you can put the two together. Describe their Testing/Results Together It is possible to put the two testing sections together and to look at the as a single task. Use the Test Plan in the VDrive as a guide and complete at least 8 tests of your data. This should include a sort, 5 searches and 2 validation rules tests. Evaluation This is the final section. There are 3 marks for the evaluation. At the beginning of the project you set a problem. This is the point where you go back and see what you have done to solve the problem. You need to list the problem and the user requirements (what you need to do to solve the problem) and against each one write a description of whether you have completed it or not and give some evidence (screenshots) to show that you have done it. In the design section, you designed the data structure and user interface. You need to compare what you designed with what you created and write a paragraph saying if you achieved what you designed. Some screenshots may help. In addition for the final marks you describe what your system could not do and what you could do to put it right. Total marks available 31. V:\ICT\KS4\Coursework\2 Data handling\Project 2.doc Project Work: OCR ICT GCSE Page: 2 V:\ICT\KS4\Coursework\2 Data handling\Project 2.doc ...read more.

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