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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1662

Design a new computer system that will be used by the Manager of Pizza palace's restaurant. Because the system that he is using now is hard to do and it's also time consuming.

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Problem identification Task 1a, b: The pizza palace is an Italian restaurant that has been in business for two years. It made a small profit last year, but things are not looking good for this financial year. It is suffering from cash flow problems, where money coming into the business each month (receipts0 is less then the money coming going out of the business each month. The owner is particularly worried since a new Italian restaurant is about to open nearby. The owner needs to know how much cash is coming in and going out of the business but has no experience in computer modeling and asks me to help out. I must produce a cash-flow for next six months and suggest ways to in which cash flow can be improved. The system that I am going to create will be used by Manager of Pizza palace's restaurant. Because the system that he is using now is hard to do and it's also time consuming. The problem is, Pizza Palace owner doesn't know how to use this system and he has to know how to use this system because he has to solve those problems like, calculate the profit, tax, finance etc. ...read more.


They also use this device so that reports can be scanned in order to speed up work rather then typing it up. Output devices The output devices that they will use are printer, monitor and speakers. They are going to use printer to print their files such as posters and banners. Monitor will help to look at what they are doing and speakers will help to hear voice mail etc. 1) Printer Pizza palace will use printers in there offices to print out information about their customers and to print their monthly magazines. Printers make a permanent copy of the work on the screen. It copies exactly what you have on your screen to paper. 2) Monitor Monitor is computers screen; another name for monitor is visual display unit (VDU). Pizza palace has monitors in their offices it is another output device which is often more often because it is used while the operator is using the computer. Monitors are like TV screens. It shows the data input from you keyboard, scanner and digital camera and shows you what way you are pointing your mouse. 3) Speakers Some of Pizza palace computers are fitted with small internal speakers that will make a noise for example if you hit the wrong key. ...read more.


�6,050 �9,050 �7,450 �6,550 �5,950 �6,450 Net Cash Flow B-C (D) -�50 -�2,050 �550 �450 -�950 -�450 Closing Bank Bal A+D -�2,050 -�4,100 -�3,550 -�3,100 -�4,050 -�4,500 Balance check CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS 17.5 f) The appropriate backup measures that will be applied: * Floppy disk * CD- RW disk * CD - Rom g) The appropriate back up security measures that will be applied: * Scan disk * MacAfee * Norton virus * Fire well security * Password Protection * CCTV Cameras USER GUID: - First you need to log on the computer and wait for few seconds until the main desktop appears. Then you need to click o start button on your desktop page and Microsoft office and then Microsoft excel. Then this page would appear. Then you need to click on the left side button file and then open. After you click the open button then this open box will appear on you screen. And you need to click on the book 1. Then your cash flow system will appear and then you can make changes on it or you can improve it. After you done everything and saved then you need to logoff. And for logging off you need to again click on the left bottom start button. And then log off. And then click Log off. ?? ?? ?? ?? G.C.S.E IT (PIZZA PALACE) Abdal Mohamed (11.4) 1 ...read more.

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