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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3285

Design a relation database for a company that is currently using a manual or a non-IT system.

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Introduction to coursework My name is Pritesh Pranay; the task I have been set for my 5th form coursework is to design a relation database for a company that is currently using a manual or a non-it system. I have chosen the Sunshine Health guesthouse, which is situated in Basildon, Essex. It was introduced last year. They have established their name in no time at all. They do face competition from holiday Inn and other senior guesthouses or hotels in the local area; it has 50 rooms in total (some single and double). It is considered to be a luxurious guesthouse in its area. However what makes it popular is that it is only 5km away from pizza hut, cinemas and other family recreations. Most of its customers come from surroundings area like Stanford-le-hope, Brentwood, Orsett, Billericay, and Grays etc. Majority of them come on behalf of their company for business meetings and conferences on weekdays, there fore all payments are done by their company credit card. On weekends there are more tourists and holiday seekers. I have identified the sunshine health guesthouse as a potential client for my database project. This is because as this hotel was opened last year, it is probably not too familiar with using a computerized system to operate its business. Therefore I will create a relational database to solve all their problems in managing their business. How ever I will be using different methods of research to identify their problem in further detail. Of course once I have understood their problem in great detail it would be easier for me solve it to a grater extent. Analysis Company Background Sunshine health Guesthouse is a guesthouse, which has 50 rooms. There are single and double rooms including en-suites. The rooms are of quite luxurious size designed to maximise user comfort. It is always booked however because it is located close to family recreations. ...read more.


misleading Advantages of Internet research are * Ease of accessibility since it can be used anywhere anytime * Very quick to find information * Reasonably cheap to use As you can see it is well-balanced option but the company I am basing my project upon doesn't own a website yet as it is completely relied upon a manual system of data storage. However there may be other background information about my company on the Internet, which could be useful to look up Another way I could collect data is by personal observations i.e. looking at the company's database but because it is a completely manual system that is out of option. After considering all the possible options of data collection I plan to use the interview because I feel it would be very easy to collect the information that way for me, the interview would be made friendly enough so there is no pressure on the user to respond in any certain way. This is a very quick and direct method of collecting information; all the information can be gained on the spot. However stating that I also plan to use another method of data collection i.e. questionnaire as well. This will help to gain the maximum information about the company, which could be really useful when deciding the user requirements. How am I going to administer the interview? Well I plan to call up the managing director of the company asking for an appointment. After I have booked the appointment I will prepare a list of questions I need to ask them in order to gain the information. However I do believe that the interview will be bound by time restrictions so all efforts would be made to make sure that I don't cross the time allocated. As I have said before the interview would carried out in a formal manner. A healthy atmosphere would be created to conduct the interview. ...read more.


* Select the type of Main Document you wish to create. * Click Get Data to select your Data Source. There are four methods you can use for your Data Source: * Open Data Source * Header Options * Select Edit Main Document. (Add all text that you want to appear with every record; and insert the appropriate merge fields using the Insert Merge Field button on the Mail Merge Toolbar) * You can preview your data prior to performing the merge by clicking the ViewMergedData button on the mail merge toolbar. * Prior to performing the merge, hold <Shift> and then select File/Save All. This will save the Mail Merge Main Document; and if the Data Source is a Word document, it will save that too. * Perform the merge. Merge choices are (the options are Merge to New Document, Merge to printer, merge to email and merge to new document) Above are the steps that I would follow when creating a mail merge for the company. It is a very useful procedure for the company because it makes things easier, more time-effective to carry out the procedure of creating form letters. Questionaire As I said before the questionaire is carried out purely on the basis of finding out the type of design they want in their forms and reports, the fields etc, Rest of the info was found out by the interview. Would you like a company logo to be used on every report and form? Yes/ No (circle your preference) Would you prefer only company colors to be used? Yes/No (Circle your preference) if yes please state what they are Describe the colour scheme you would like in your forms, reports etc Explain the number of tables and the types of fields you would prefer. Would you like your form design to stay constant throughout? All the information above would be used when creating the relation database for the company. ...read more.

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