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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2151

Design a spreadsheet that can be used by a school tuck shop.

Extracts from this document...


Analysis My task is to design a spreadsheet that can be used by a school tuck shop, which can be used to find the following: * Income * Expenditures * Stock amounts * Popularity of products * The selling price of stock * Profit made * Wages of employees * Whether to order more stock The spreadsheet can be used as a model to predict all of these things throughout the three school terms. The product popularity can be used to see what products are most popular and unpopular in the different seasons. This can then be used to order in more or less of a certain product to get maximum profit. The spreadsheet has been designed to calculate the how much profit you make on each item and how much overall after expenses such as electricity and wages have been paid. IF formulas have been used to tell the owner when he/she needs to buy in more of a certain product. By using the relevant information from the spreadsheet, chart can be made. The popularity of items could be shown on the charts. The spreadsheet is set up so that if you change a certain variable, all of the calculations are updated and you are able to predict what will happen. For example: * If VAT rose to 20% on one week * If Electricity costs went up by �3 * If ...read more.


489 =(D14+K14)-Q14 132 =(D15+K15)-Q15 102 =(D16+K16)-Q16 116 =(D17+K17)-Q17 102 =(D18+K18)-Q18 You need to change the column widths and row heights to the following so that your heading and product information fit neatly into your spreadsheet without overlapping the cells COLUMN WIDTH ROW HEIGHT A 15 1 20.25 B 20 2 51 C 10 3 12.75 D 10 4 12.75 E 7 5 12.75 F 8 6 12.75 G 6 7 12.75 H 6 8 12.75 I 14 9 12.75 J 8 10 12.75 K 6 11 12.75 L 8 12 12.75 M 6 13 12.75 N 7 14 12.75 O 8 15 12.75 P 9 16 12.75 Q 8 17 12.75 R 6 18 12.75 S 10 19 12 T 8 20 24.75 U 12 21 12.75 V 5 22 12.75 23 12.75 Now you can label the tabs at the bottom of you spreadsheet. To do this right click on the tab and select rename. Type in the new name for each. For the first section of your spreadsheet you need to create and rename 9 spreadsheets. They must be named Autumn week 1 Autumn week 2 Autumn week 3 Spring Week 1 Spring Week 2 Spring Week 3 Summer Week 1 Summer Week 2 Summer Week 3 Once you have renamed each of them. ...read more.


The second problem I encountered was when I came to plot the popularity of the items. My initial idea was the plot a graph that would show each products popularity as you went through the three terms but when it came to making the graph it was too hard to read and it looked a mess. I then decided to make the popularity spreadsheet and find the average rank and to plot that. This resulted in a good clear graph. Overall my spreadsheets layout is a bit hard to read but I found that if I were to improve my spreadsheet by using combo boxes and other improvements then it would be much more user friendly. These are some of the improvements I could make to my spreadsheet: These are some other improvements I could make: * Add extra columns in my wages page to sort out employee's absences from work. * I haven't put columns in to cater for stock wastage whether it is stolen or out of date. * I could add columns in for extra expenditure for items such as cleaning products and for insurance. Here is my backup copy of all of my IT coursework. I have a copy of the spreadsheet and the report on my desktop and in a separate file. I also update both versions regularly so that if one gets lost of damaged then the work is up to date. Fiona Allen 06/05/2007 2 ...read more.

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