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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3471

Design an advertisement or a web site for the cinema. Your advertisement or web site should be attractive and easy to update as films and timings change and be suitable for publication in various places.

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GCSE Coursework ICT Task 1 2 The application chosen 2 Big M's Software 2 Software available for use at home; 3 Software I need to complete this project; 3 Hardware 3 My Home PC 3 Using the software 3 Data needed by the system 3 System outputs 3 Analysing the problem 3 Types of system Output 3 Data Storage 3 Testing 3 Simple Documentation 3 Evaluation - The benefits of the system 3 Summary - The use of ICT 3 Task 1 Design an advertisement or a web site for the cinema. Your advertisement or web site should be attractive and easy to update as films and timings change and be suitable for publication in various places. The application chosen To complete the task above, I used Microsoft 'Front page' 2000. T his is a Desktop Publishing package and enabled me to create a web page, as specified in the task brief. This task required a DTP (Desktop publisher) as it is a web based project, in other words, the result could be published on the web. I used Front page, as it enabled me to easily update and modify the web page, this was also required in the specification. It is also easily published onto the World Wide Web, or the Internet, as long as I have the required web space necessary. I could have used Microsoft Word, which I have more knowledge about, and therefore would have been easier to use, but I felt that I would use Front page, as it automatically saves the web page as the required format for web publishing and also it is designed for my required purpose. Equally I could have used Microsoft publisher, also a desktop publisher, but as I have no previous experience using this program, I felt that I should use Front page. Software Advantages / Benefits Disadvantages / Drawbacks Front Page Specifically designed for Desktop Publishing, many features designed especially for Web publishing. ...read more.


The evidence to support this can be found in Appendix 1, although this is printed in greyscale, all the web sites are high in contrast and very colourful. They are all very simple to use but very complicated systems at the same time. I will be able to achieve a high contrast and colourful site, and make it simple to use, incorporating hyperlinks to each page but will not be able to create a complex system in the time limit. The stages of input, processing and output are shown in the flow diagram below; Types of system Output The system can output information in different formats e.g. using a VDU the information can be displayed on screen, also the information can be printed using many different types of printers e.g. laser or inkjet. Output devices Advantages/Benefits Disadvantages/Drawbacks Visual Display Unit Size can be altered on most programs e.g. percentage of view. Information can be changed on screen. Information cannot be amended by hand whereas a printout can be. Inkjet printer Colour or Black, good quality. Printouts enable information to be marked or easily amended. Very expensive, slower than laser printer. Laser printer Very fast printing, black, very high quality. No colour in some models, extremely expensive. Having looked at the system devices, I decided to use a VDU to change data on screen, which enabled me to change view and so on. To print documents entirely in black, I will use a laser printer for speed and quality of printing. For colour documents I will use the inkjet printed which will enable me to print in colour. One more system output is the image on a VDU, which the user of the system will be able to view. The information, and film reviews will be what is visible, depending on the page that the user is viewing. Data Storage The data will be stored on the school network and my home PC, in addition I will keep a back up on floppy disk. ...read more.


Disadvantages There are not too many disadvantages to my system; it is a lot more comprehensive than both the alternative methods, as they are both limited. This system would not be very good, as it would only incorporate the film times, and titles. The first system, allows the user to read reviews and book online. Although this system could include a phone number for phone booking, this is a very successful method. Graphics could not be included, although reviews could. Ticket prices and links to other pages could also be provided. Hyperlinks could not be made, and the design and layout is very primitive on Tele-text. Summary - The use of ICT If I compare my solution to ones that already exist then I can see that in many respects my system would be better, if I were to extend and improve it. These system already exist and are very successful, as shown in Appendix 1, showing the Odeon's web site, a comprehensive example I would need to follow if I were to extend this particular project. Comparing my current system to systems like that on the Odeon page, I can see mine is very primitive, and not very good. The changes that have occurred due to the use of ICT and computers are, the increased ease in Booking Tickets, becoming a member, viewing reviews quickly and easily, and looking up film times, certificates and the price of various tickets. Computers have enabled many more people to access this information and increase the complexity of a system like this. The people that use the system would benefit from using it as it would save them time booking tickets or becoming a member. In some ways it increases security, and reliability, as a membership form sent in the post could be lost. The user would also find all the information they need in one place and at the same time, eliminating hassle in phoning up the cinema or buying a newspaper. ?? ?? ?? ?? West Somerset Community College Toby Parnell 13335.doc Toby Parnell 10G Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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