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design an IT system for UTourEuro is a UK coach company who have bus depots in several towns in the UK.

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Timed Practical Task Assessment SCENARIO: UTourEuro is a UK coach company who have bus depots in several towns in the UK. Their head office, through which all bookings are done, is in the Midlands. They offer transport to: o Major attractions within the UK and in Europe e.g. The London Eye, Disneyland Paris o Music festivals and concerts in the UK and in Europe o Major cities in Europe e.g. Paris, Madrid, Rome, Munich, etc. As well as providing the coach for the journey the company can provide optional extras such as: * Arrange hotels for guests * Supply tickets and, where appropriate, local tour guides * Organise trips around local places of interest. (All of these items are charged for in addition to the coach fare) One of their most popular trips is to Europe normally through the Channel Tunnel. This consists of: * Picking people up at their local town and transporting them to a coach park where they will join the coach that will take them on their tour. * Arranging the pickups so that those people who live furthest away from the coach park will be charged extra for this journey. As with most tours there is a break even point that the company meet. In addition UTourEuro has to ensure that it makes a 20% profit on each tour. ...read more.


* I will then use mail merge to send letters out to their customers advertising major attractions and extra services they provide including arranging hotels for guest and supplying tickets and tour guides. * I will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which UTourEuro can use to assist them with advertising at events like holiday exhibitions. I will design it in such a way that it will be able to run on its on which will save the staff time and mean that they can instead spend time on customer inquiries etc. * An ICT solution is appropriate for this task because it will provide easy means of communication, advertising and an automated, re-usable system that will save the company sectary a lot of time when wanting to send letters and brochures. Software Selection To complete the first task of creating a contacts database for UTourEuro, I am going to need to use software that will be capable of doing: simple searches, complex searches such as a duplicates query, data entry, validation of data entry and creation of reports in order to create a contacts database. Possible software for this task would be either a database, Microsoft Access or a spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel. As Microsoft Access and Excel are both part of the Office group of applications they share many common features. ...read more.


This is because word is specifically designed for the lay out of letters and some of the tasks that I need to complete do not require the sophisticated text and graphic functions that publisher has. Plan during TPT Time to be spent on task Task 1hr 1 hour will be spent on creating a logo and letter head for letters which I will save as a template using the logo. I will then design a brochure to advertise UTourEuro 1hr I will design a PowerPoint presentation on Microsoft Office PowerPoint which will include information about the company for prospective customers to view. 2hr I will design a database system to store UTourEuro contacts. During this time I will create data validation rules to prevent mistakes for occurring, a data entry form for the secretary to enter information, I will et up a query and also a report using the information from the query which can be used to send out to the tour drivers to show how many people he need to pick up from each town. I will also link the data from the database to a letter using mail merge. I will write a letter on Microsoft word advertising popular tours that UTourEuro does. 1hr I shall spend this time writing up the tasks and using screen shots as evidence of my practical work (especially for the database etc) ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Clark Bryan 11C ...read more.

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