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Design and Produce a Monthly Account System For the Hazeldene Sub-Aqua Club.

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TASK ONE: Design and produce a monthly account system for the Hazeldene Sub-Aqua Club. Information to Output An A4 sized printout of the Hazeldene Sub-Aqua diving club monthly account system for the year 2000. Because the 1999 accounts, amongst other years, were done by hand, the old conventional method was full of crossed out amounts and amendments. I will use the 1999 account as a basis for 2000. Also three printouts consisting of updates of the monthly account, in the same layout as the 2000 accounts, are required for Task 1. These will be in the orientation of landscape, each covering one A4 size. Data to Input I will use the 1999 account from the hard drive as a reference for the 2000 account by inputing the spreadsheet into the computer. The headings, layout, and formulae in the new monthly account system must be the same as the account from 1999, showing the total balance Performance Criteria It will be capable of adding up figures automatically so hand-written corrections should no longer be viable to occur. The accounts will be correct and updated with the total expenditure available. The headings, layout and formulae will be identical to the 1999 income and expenditure account. It will also show the total balance. ...read more.


In addition, because I will conduct sort ascending on the surnames, I will do another sort ascending on another column possibly the column of First Names. TASK FOUR: Design and Produce a leaflet Information to Output A printout of a folded A4 sized leaflet including information of the organised trip to Sharm-El-Shiekh on the Red Sea to give to members. Data to Input I must incorporate leaflet details that were discussed with the expedition officer. Wanted on the leaflet are: ? Map of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea to show the location of Sharm-El-Shiekh (on disk) ? Cost of trip - �550 ? Deposit required - �50 ? Dates of trip - 3 to 10 November 2000 ? Number of places - up to 12 ? Qualification details - all divers to be SAA club divers and above and have a current medical certificate. ? Picture from last year's trip (on disk) ? Title of trip - to give an idea of location ? Description of selected dive sites (on disk) * Description of accommodation and location (on disk) * Who to contact in the club - their name and telephone number Performance Criteria The sample leaflet must include: ? ...read more.


the course member to sign and date, as well as instructions informing that if the course member is under 18, the agreement needs to be signed and dated by the member's parent/guardian. Performance Criteria The form will be on A4 paper and will include enrolement details, which are: * Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Ms) * First name(s) * Surname * Home Address * Date of Birth- coded as dd/mm/yyyy * Telephone Number- day and evening The form will have the title of the course and clearly state the agreement that is: "I agree that I participate in Hazeldene Sub-Aqua Club SCUBA training course at my own risk and that Hazeldene Sub-Aqua club will accept no liability for any accident/loss caused by myself or others during the course;" There will be places for the signature(s) and dates of signing. There will also be a sentence stating that if the course member is under 18, the agreement also needs to be signed and dated by the member's parent/guardian, therefore there will be spaces for them to sign the statement too. The form will be easy to fill in with a box for each letter, number, and places for the signature(s) and dates of signing. Maxine Benjamin/11GI/BAR GCSE 2001 IT Coursework Analysis of Tasks ...read more.

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