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Design of solution - In solution to the doctors surgery system that I am implementing, I will be using Microsoft Access.

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Design of solution In solution to the doctors surgery system that I am implementing, I will be using Microsoft Access. After studying the alternatives I feel that Access is the best solution since it will allow me to make databases with relationships and queries unlike other alternatives like Excel, hence this choice. This system will need to be based upon three tables- * Patients Details * Doctors Details * Appointment Details My implementation will begin with the design of the database before considering data collection, data capture and the various outputs required. On completion I will need to thoroughly test the system to ensure that it works as expected by using both valid and invalid data. I will then write user documentation to allow the staff to use the system. Below I will show the table design, firstly with the patients details table Keyfield Field Name Type Size Validation Description ( Patient_no Autonumber LI Autonumber Key field and specific to each patient ( Title Text 4 ? The title of a patient ( Surname Text 20 ( The Surname of a patient ( Forename Text 20 ( The first name ...read more.


Likewise if I want to add a doctor I would use the doctors form to enter this data. Above is how I intent to set out each table within my system. This is my intention since they will then hold all the appropriate data and information for my doctor's surgery. However to make my system more efficient I will need a number of search formats. Searching is where I can look for a specific patient in my system through a search that will be similar to the one below. I will display all the search formats I am going to incorporate. Search Screens Above is a search for an patient. This would be useful if I need to find a patient if the details need to be changed (e.g. the person has moved houses) and instead of searching through every member I could just find them using a search. The search procedure will be executed when a patients details need to be changed or information needs to be retrieved about a member. ...read more.


However the add new member button will be located on the last person of the patients form or on the mainform (this is the form where you can access any part of the database from. As I briefly touched upon before I will have a splashboard, which will enable me to easily access and view all areas of my system. The inputs of my system will be such things as adding a patient, deleting a patient and making appointments. The processes in my system will be such as searching for a patient and the outputs will be making reports. Of course when I click on a area on my splashboard I want to go, I will get taken to its respected form with a back button at disposal just in case I want to get back to my splashboard. These links from different areas of my system will require the use of macros and I feel that the above shown splashboard buttons are all that is needed for my system. However this is at the time of writing so there might be another button required or an idea that I can add, which is beyond me at this moment. ...read more.

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