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Design specification for an IT system for Harry's Dog Kennel business.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Design Specification Details of what the system needs to do The system needs to help Harry do many things such as making it easier to find specific data , to save time . It must be easy to edit as Harry?s Boarding Kennels are constantly getting new dogs staying and new owners keeping their dogs there , so the records and documents need to regularly updated . The information calculated needs to be accurate , if it is not this could lead to an overcharge to the dog owner , and they could pass this on or post a bad review online . This would ruin the reputation of Harry?s Boarding Kennels . If a dog stays for more than one day , there is a reduction for the days after so there needs to be a calculation to automatically make a reduction. It must be simple and easy to use as Harry has no prior experience with ICT Systems , but still must fulfil all the success criteria . ...read more.


Solution Outline This will allow Harry to store owner details eg Name and telephone number . Store dog details eg name , breed , age , gender , special dietary requirements as well as other relevant information . Use information about a dog?s stay (eg kennel number , number of days stayed and extra services ) to produce an invoice which they can have at the end of each visits including the costs . Calculate income and expenditure every month . Allow Harry to plan future prices by changing the profit and seeing the price required to achieve this profit . Allow for future expansions or changes to the business such as getting more kennels or adding on more extra services . Outputs to be produced At the end a spreadsheet , invoices , letters and a graph which is able to manipulate and edit details . There should be filters so Harry for example can see all the dogs with a gluten intolerance . ...read more.


7 There should be ?what if? predictions If a certain profit is wanted , you should be able to type this into the profit cells and the prices should change accordingly to reach this profit . 8 Use vlookups to find the price of a service After all the information has been entered for the extra services , the user should be able to on a different sheet , enter the extra service and the correct price should be brought up via a vlookup 9 The data is stored chronologically You can easily filter between the past and recent stays . 10 Must show income and expenditure There must be formulae?s automatically calculating the expenditure and income including the SUM formulae . 11 Be able to transfer data between applications Harry?s Employees must be able to access the solution . The solution needs to be saved with macros enabled Data security Harry needs everything/some cells to be password protected so no one can edit and change the solution without his permission , because that would ruin the time and effort that has been put in to create the solution . ...read more.

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