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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2661

Designing a Computer Games Database

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Candidate number Centre Number 10654 Contents Page A (6) Choice of Problem 3 B (6) Description of problem 3 Investigation and analysis of the problem and specification solution 4 Investigation 4 Analysis 4 Specification 4 evaluation criteria. 4 Implementation Of Solution Resources 6 Data verification and Validation 6 Data and program structures 6 Testing of solution 7 Documentation of Solution user-guide 7 technical guide 8 Evaluation of solution 11 Choice of Problem Right now the computer games are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. A rapidly increasing number of platforms running vast numbers of games are now available to consumers. There is a maze of titles that vary greatly in quality and style. Also not every computer has the specifications to run every game. There are numerous genres of computer game that will only interest certain people. As you can see the computer game market can be a mine field for the consumer looking for the right game. Recently released games often retail for around �40 so with the costs involved buying the right game can become quite important. Description of problem My answer to this problem is a computer game database. The purpose of this would be to allow people to check a title against the list to find out its vital information. ...read more.


To do this I had to make up values for products the amount they would sell for and the amount they would cost to buy. Product Sold Bought In stock Buy cost (�) Sell price (�) Profit/loss (�) Sales Profit (�) sinkers bar 12 40 28 0.18 0.31 -3.48 3.72 can'o'coke 46 50 4 0.32 0.49 6.54 22.54 sausage role 8 30 22 0.04 0.55 3.2 4.4 burger 23 30 7 0.12 0.7 12.5 16.1 doughnut 13 40 27 0.2 0.4 -2.8 5.2 biscuit 4 20 16 0.05 0.15 -0.4 0.6 slushy 47 100 53 0.3 0.5 -6.5 23.5 coffee 13 100 87 0.21 0.6 -13.2 7.8 short bread 3 20 17 0.1 0.15 -1.55 0.45 Cash at open (�) Cash at close (�) Total profit (�) Overall profit/loss 100 184.31 84.31 -5.69 After about an hour I worked out from my fake sales a value for my total profit and overall profit. After the time it take to put the information in the spreadsheet gave the same answer. I tried the same thing a few more time with different information 2 more times. It gave a different answer the third time but I'm pretty sure that was me not the sheet making the mistake. ...read more.


You will need to follow the same routine for typing in the information in the bought, buy cost and sell price fields. It should be noted that buy cost is worked out on a individual basis. Most products you sell will not be bought individually so you will need to divide the amount you get buy the cost to get an individual price. With things like coffee witch contain various separately bought items a price will have to be estimated for one. After that you will need to copy the formulas to the appropriate boxes. All the boxes that contained 0's are formulas. The first product in the list already has all its formulas in the right place. Only the first box in each formula column will contain a formula. You need to select it and right click to copy it. Then in the column bellow it highlight the empty cells right click and select paste special. Repeat this for all the formula columns. some formulas will need to be edited for the cells bellow your product fields. Highlight the cell bellow the total profit header, in the box near the top the formula =SUM will appear. You need to tell the sheet what is wants to add up. Look at the first and the last cells in the sales profit column. By looking at the sides you can find the grid references for those cells. ...read more.

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