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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Document length: 1458 words

Designing a database and logo for a travel agent.

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Analysis and Introduction 1.1 Background on 'First Travel' First Travel is an Atoll bounded tour operator, based in Eastcote (Middlesex). The aim of the company is to organise tailor -made holidays for their customers. Mr Jones (aged 52) owns this family run company, specializing in family holidays and city breaks. Mr Jones has been running the company for under a year, in a traditional manner (without the use of computers) he has realised that this is too time consuming, and therefore he would like to computerise some of the processes within his company. He asked me to explore different alternatives of computerising some of the manual processes in a safe and secure manner. 1.2 Research and Investigation To help me asses the business's current situation and to understand what Mr Jones would like in his new system I asked Mr Jones for an interview (see Appendix A for interview notes), and I also created a questionnaire for customers to fill in (see Appendix B for completed questionnaire). From the interview and questionnaire I have ascertained that Mr Jones, his part time staff and customers believe the current manual system is slow and unreliable (as sometimes customers don't receive their tickets on time). Sometimes Mr Jones can't pinpoint how much money is outstanding for forthcoming holidays, pending payment and he has to go through many manual files to work out the amount due. ...read more.


is attractive as it advertises its name in its logo and so it is a useful selling point, this is unlike other logos such as the Apple logo where there is no text. Secondly logo uses two colours and therefore it looks clean and professional and unlike other logos such as the old Fanta logo (which is cluttered and un colour coordinated). Thirdly this logo is a definite improvement for previous BA logos, such as the one released on the Queen's Birthday in 1991. However the logo hasn't been updated for just over fifteen years, certainly there have been modifications and improvements, and however BA hasn't changed it completely. A report done by The Economist shows this could be why BA's sales have been dropping gradually over the past decade. This logo represents the British based airline; Monarch. This logo uses two complementary colours, which are purple and yellow. The crown image is very clever because it matches the name of airline. The colours are used to great effect on the crown, the middle part of the crown is filled in with a golden yellow, and the two sides match the purple font. The crown is in a bold shape of an "M" so that people will notice that it belongs to Monarch Airways. It is extremely simple but also very clever and unique Ryan Air is an Irish Airline company who specialise in cheap flights. ...read more.


Overall I think I did quite well on this task, as I managed to use different programs and explore the different features of them, also I looked at the differences in the features between Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft 2007, I feel this has benefited me greatly. My logos look professional and smart, and I am pleased and the end result, however I feel I could've put a slogan on all of the logos, not just one. Data Capture Forms 3.1 Data Capture Form for E-Ticket Customer ID Address Town Postcode Invoice ID Destination Hotel Preferred Contact Info Departure Date Arrival Date Basic Cost Profit Insurance Cost Per Person People in Party Grand Total Amount Received Amount Outstanding 3.2 Data Capture for Invoice Address 1 Address 2 Town Postcode Customer ID Payment Details Number of Rooms Number of People Arrival + Departure Dates Meal Package Payment Details Total Price How did you gather the data? When Mr Jones employed me he gave me a handwritten list of his current customers; I computerised this list in Microsoft Excel and imported it to Microsoft Access. To gather the data for my invoice I referred by back to the Excel version of 'Customer Details', linking relevant cells to the invoice. Here is a step by step guide: What hardware and software did you use? To create this particular invoice I used: Hardware Dell Dimension DM 051 Software Microsoft Excel 2007 Microsoft Access 2007 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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