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Designing a database for Type a Flight Travel Agent.

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Introduction I have been given a task to make things easier for a travel agent called Type a Flight. Type a Flight is a travel agent which is situated in Warrington and it was established in 1995, it's been 16 years now and it also has about 500 customers and 10 employees. The company does all its work manually. They keep their documents in filing cabinets. So when customers call in to book flights then they have to look in the cabinets for a document. This is very time consuming and due to this problem they could lose a fantastic amount of customers because they could get tired on the phone. Filing cabinets also take up a lot of space. This is getting very difficult and time consuming as the number of customers is rising on a daily basis. One of the problems is that it takes time writing letters by hand .For this problem I have come to the conclusion to make their things easier by making a database for them so it will be effortless for them to sort things out and make bookings, rather than wasting time searching through filling cabinets, plus if they had a database they will have more satisfied customers due to the fact that they will be able to work more quicker using a database. ...read more.


I can also do this task by asking the customers about the travel agency but I will not do this because it is time consuming and people will have different opinions about the travel agency. I will do this task by going to the agency directly and interviewing the agency manager because it is more reliable and it is most likely that the agency will tell you only the true facts because they have to give proof as well. Here is my questionnaire below: 1. Is your travel agency experienced with controlling computers? YES NO 2. Does your travel agency know how to design a letterhead? YES NO 3. What is your opinion of your company confronting the inexperienced system? 4. Is your company developed properly? YES NO 5. What is your opinion/thought towards the inexperienced system? 6. Do you think there is a more suitable way to develop the system? 7. What are your impressions? 8. Does your travel agency know how to form a template letter? YES NO 9. Which of the following do you think your travel agency will prefer? OLD SYSTEM NEW SYSTEM 10. What is the reason of you thinking this? Design a logo and a slogan for the travel agency I can do this task by hand, using a pen/pencil and a paper but will not do it this way because I am not a good drawer and the final logo will not be as neat or professional as a computer drawn. ...read more.


I will do this task by using Microsoft Word because it has some really good functions to help create the report easily as well as edit it. It also has spelling and grammar checker which is a very good tool for checking spelling and grammar errors in the work. Input, Output, Process and Storage After research and looking at various tasks, I can establish what the input, process, output and storage of the system is. Year 10 Ease of use The final product that I will make will be easy for the company to use because it will be professional, neat and simple for anyone to understand. It will be easy to look for any customer's information in the database just by typing the customer's or staff's name or their ID. The reports will be easy to understand because they would be done neatly on the computer and will consist of simple methods to help the user do a job properly. The company will also find it easier to create and send letters because they can just add a customer's details from a database onto the letter by using the functions copy and paste. Then they can print the letters out so that they can be sent to the customers. Description of problem = 1 Plan of solution = 1 Methods = 1 Solution meets requirement = 1 Ease of use = 1 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO2a ...read more.

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Response to the question

This piece answers the question but doesn’t do anything more to get a high mark. You have clearly planned the task and identified the subtasks and problems with the current system well, but the subsequent planning of the subtasks is ...

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Response to the question

This piece answers the question but doesn’t do anything more to get a high mark. You have clearly planned the task and identified the subtasks and problems with the current system well, but the subsequent planning of the subtasks is very basic. You have written very little in each section and what you have written seems to be the bare minimum to meet the requirements. For example, you have chosen WordPad as an alternative to Word for such a task, where WordPad would technically suffice, it would not be used by anyone attempting the task, and such is not an appropriate alternative to compare it to.

Level of analysis

You have not chosen suitable programs for this piece of work. As a serious alternative, you have suggested pen and paper, which is not suitable for the reasons you have detailed at the beginning of the report, so a short note would suffice. You have suggested programs such as WordPad as an alternative to Word, which I have detailed above. For the logo task, you have chosen Paint as your preferred program, with Word as its alternative. At GCSE, you should know of programs such as Photoshop, as well as possibly GIMP and Fireworks. You may not be able to use them or have access to them, but if you detailed why these are good and why you can’t use them – even if you don’t know how – you will show that you are aware of the best programs to use and gain those marks. You have however successfully chosen Access or Open Office Base for the database task, which is a good choice and knowledge of functions and alternatives.

Quality of writing

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are generally good, but the piece is filled with short sentences which could be expanded upon. Rather than addressing the points in an almost bullet-pointed list, you should write it in continuous prose to make it look and read better, and the extra information you would need to put in to make it continuous would also help improve your mark. Technical terms are usually used where appropriate, however you have also used very informal language such as “it contained stuff…” which does not belong in this formal planning report.

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Reviewed by pratstercs 19/02/2012

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