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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1952

Designing a database to manage stock in a clothes shop.

Extracts from this document...


IdentifY 1.1 The problem and how I discovered it I discovered the problem when I saw that the files of customer orders were unorganized and customer were angry for late stock arrivals. I also noticed that some of the buyers or consumers were taking this product although it was outdated. 1.2 The Business This business is of a big company which is located in Jandia in Fuerteventura in the south of the Island. I was doing a survey on the shops as a consumer when I discovered that some of the products were from previous seasons and old. I told the manager about the problem they asked me for help. 1.3 The real User The manager is the in charge of dealing with these types of problems. Although in this case Ms.Sara, the manager is not able to find the solution to this problem. In this case I have decided to help her and to provide a better service to the customer. 1.4 The current problem and inefficient The current main problem is that the manager or the employees aren't getting to know when the clothes are outdated or is from old seasons. I'm being asked to create or to find some kind of solution to solve this major problem. There are many problems with the method that the employees are using now which is to go around and looking at other people's clothes and see the fashion. ...read more.


2.3 Data input Data Type Collection Input Validation Photographs image Memory card or camera roll USB Google images Bar-code Information Product Bar-code reader 8 digits Supplier address Text Phone directory Keyboard Phone or address directory Product info. Text Supplier Keyboard Supplier 2.4 Data processing fffggg 2.5 Back up and security As the Document we are doing is very important we must always remember to save it, this could save us a lot of typing because if there is a power cut documents won't get erased. We should remember to save our document every 5-10 minutes, also we need to save it when we change or insert something manually. You should save it on your PC's desktop or in 'My Documents' also it would be intelligent to save documents on two other or external hard disks or send it to your own e-mail. The size of the file depends on the type, for example if it is done in access,word or PowerPoint, it would also effect the size of the document if there is fancy colored writing, outstanding writing or lots of pictures. Normally a word document of 10 -12 pages with three to four colored pictures would weigh 294 KB (302.026 bytes), this means you would be able to save three thousand more files like this on a one gigabyte pen drive. Yes, I will set up passwords to my document incase a hacker or spammer brakes in and steals my data, this way I will be sure to have a unique solution to the problem. ...read more.


This would also be an invalid test. Screenshot n� 2 Test number 3- This test result is invalid because the wrong currency was inserted and therefore that dialogue box appeared. Screenshot n�3 Test Number 5- This test has been accomplished because it has a valid result. Screenshot n�4 Test number 7- Update supplier name, Valid test as the result is positive. Screenshot n�5 Test number 13- Update employee name- Invalid result as a dialogue box appears saying that the test is too long. Screenshot n�6 Test number 17- Add new ticket- Valid test as every field is created properly. Test number 12- Update change field- Valid test result as all the requirements are accomplished without any problems. Screenshot n� 7 Test number 9- Update supplier name- Invalid result as no more characters can be introduced Screenshot n� 8 Test number 19- Update supplier ID- Invalid test result as a dialogue appears asking to enter a new value. Objectives Completed *Create main menu for easy navigation through the queries *Create a Report to show products bought taken. *Create a Database with queries to manage orders more quickly. * Add buttons and make sure they work so that we can see the forms easily and briefly. * Include dates sold and bought *Add supplier name, address and ID Not completed * Also include an image of the item * Create a new table for every order and name it after the customer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rishi Wadhwani 10b Access Coursework 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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