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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3208

Designing a new system - ICT - Direct traveller is an atoll bounded tour operator and the business sells and organises holidays.

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ANALYSIS 3 Introduction to the analysis report 3 Background to business/organisation 3 Problem statement - description of current system Error! Bookmark not defined. Conduction of interview 3 Background to organisation/department 3 General procedures 3 Data input to the system 4 Data dynamics 5 Current storage 5 Data output of the system 5 Security issues 7 Data protection and other legal issues 7 Problems encountered with current system 7 Backup issues 7 Research resources 8 Process decomposition 8 Level 0 8 Level 1 8 Level 2 9 Level 3 10 Level 4 11 Interview report 13 Summary of current system 13 End user requirements 14 Constraints on the current system 15 Outline for suggested system 15 Outline Cost for suggested system 15 Data Flow Diagram 16 Level 0 16 Level 1 17 Level 2 18 Level 3 19 Level 4 21 Analyse Sample Documents 22 Document Analysis Template 22 Data Dictionary 23 Data Stores 23 List attributes (Fields) 23 List Processes (as in data decomposition) 24 List Data flows (as in context data flow diagrams) 25 Performance criteria 26 DESIGN 27 Propose solution 27 Consideration of alternative designs and justification of chosen design 28 Manual system V IT system 28 Software Chosen 29 Approaches to the process design 30 Approaches to the menu systems 31 Hardware choices 32 Design the database 33 Likely entities 33 List of attributes 33 Stages of normalization 34 Analysis Introduction Background to business to Tu Chicas Direct traveller is an atoll bounded tour operator and the business sells and organises holidays. Ramadan Ozdemir owns the company. The business is situated in Wimbledon, M.r Ozdemir has only been operating the company for under a year and he now believes that he would like his own personal computerised system to help reduce the time space and stress of running the business. To help me asses the businesses current situation and to understand what M.r Ozdemir would like in his new system I asked M.r Ozdemir for an interview. ...read more.


For example post internet etc The method of transfer is verbal through Internet and fax. 23. What are the problems that the user has with the current method of output? 24. How is input/stored data processed to produce outputs? The data stored is used to produce invoices and declarations for the customers and the hotels and myself. 25. How is selection of data done? E.g. how are documents, customer records and prices, retrieved from filing systems? The documents, customer records and prices are retrieved from a file, which contains holiday prices, and a separate file that contains the customer's details. 26. What sorting of data is done? E.g. in what order are files or documents stored? Explained 27. What are the calculations and how long does each take what is calculated (cost and profit margin) The current calculation that takes place is the breakdown of the cost for each tailored package and the profit that is added on top for direct traveller. This is done for each sale. Security issues 28. What are the physical security issues e.g. locked rooms? There is currently no security except files are kept in locked office. 29. How sensitive or confidential is the data? Data protection and other legal issues 30. Can you tell me about your data protection and other legal reasons? Problems encountered with current system 31. Have you encountered any problems with loss of data? No but it can occur because we have no back up on what we store. Backup issues 32. Can you please tell me about your backup issues? None Research resources 33. What hardware are you currently using? None 34. What software are you currently using? None 35. What is the current staffs I.T skill level? I believe I have a high level of computer skills and do not need training. Process decomposition Interview report Summary of current system * Direct traveller is an atoll bounded tour operator and the business sells and organises holidays. ...read more.


Mr/ Mrs 2 Hotel details E.g. number of rooms etc 40 Board details Whether the hotel is 5 star with bed and breakfast. 50 Description of data stores Mr ozdemir currently stores all of his customer's details on booking form he then stores in a filing cabinet. He also stores information about the hotels, which he has in his brochure and their details. Then once he has phoned the handling agency and confirmed the place he produces the invoice and copies this and stores it in the customer's file, which is stored alphabetically. He then must stores the date of the customer's flight in a book and the date of which they must receive the next invoice stating their next pay. A Description of where the data comes from and what is there destination. There are many sources of where the data comes from and where they end up, this is all illustrated below. *Hotel details. Mr Ozdemir has seen all his hotels he is operating with personally so some of the information came from this but other additional information like the prices they charge and there boards are given to M.r Ozdemir like the one shown below. A SCANNED COPY OF THE TABLE WILL BE PICTURED HERE. *Customers. The information from the customers will be transferred to a booking sheet. Then this information will be sent verbally to the handling agency when direct traveller states the holiday specification. *Flight information. Al flight information will come the handling agency which is stated when direct traveller rings them to see whether the Information of the customers holiday is available if available then they will state the flight date available. *Invoices. These are all produced by direct traveller and will be sent to the customer the handling agency and copied and kept as reference for later. *Letters. This is also produced by direct traveller and sent to the customers. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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