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Designing a new system recruiting potential officers

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Specification Background to user For my A2 project I will be designing new system for Major R Thomson RE who is responsible for recruiting potential officers in the Royal Engineers. He is based at the royal engineers museum on Brompton barracks. Major Thomson is also in a lot of contact with head quarters up in Wiltshire, where they look at potential candidates who want to join the army, the candidates personnel information is then passed on to major R Thomson if they are interested in joining the royal engineers. The museum is open to the public and shows the history of the Royal Engineers. His main role within the organisation is to oversee its policy and direction. There are four members of staff including Major R Thomson who work at the recruitment office; each member of staff has a different level of ICT knowledge, ranging from very competent to learning how to use the database system. Description of the problem The database is not designed for that particular organisation. Users often find them selves repeating tasks because the existing system is not allowing them to do the tasks all at once. ...read more.


* Link Microsoft Access to Microsoft outlook. Proposed solutions I aim to make the new system more user friendly to the user and to make there job easier; I propose to do this by doing the following things: * Linking a table to data that has been selected, so that every time a letter is sent, the time and date is recorded, instead of it been imputed into a table manually. * Protecting data by: 1. Using passwords to allow access to the data. 2. Validation. * Meeting their user requirements. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using the following systems: Manual solutions Advantages Disadvantages Work can be kept in a filed system. Work can be lost or damaged. Easy to use. Work isn't processed as easily as if it was done using a computer. No training needed. Cheap to have and run. Database solution Advantages Disadvantages Back ups can be made so that if data is lost or damaged, there is a hard copy available. Can be hard to use if users ICT knowledge is not of a high level. ...read more.


Some of the problems that may be faced when designing the new system: * The design of the system may not meet its full potential because of user or users lack of ICT knowledge. Ways of solving the problem: * Organisation may have to pay out for training so that the user can be trained to use the new system. * Make sure that the user guide allows users with little ICT knowledge to use the database. * When designing the system if the user comes across a problem and doesn't know what to do they can have a step-by-step guide on what to do. This will be done by, having a call up box, which then can click on, and read the information provided. Test strategy My test strategy is to test all data inputs to ensure that they do work how I want them to, so that I meet the users requirements. Test plan Test no Test Data Purpose Expected results Comment/verified 1 Enter in the correct password. To test password to see if it accepts the correct passwords. Recruitment. 2 Candidates full name 3 Numerical data To prevent text been entered Numerical data 4 5 6 7 8 9 Data flow diagrams Internal: Internal and external: ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Loughrey ICT ...read more.

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