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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1187

Designing a system to help a leisure centre

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GCSE ICT COURSEWORK - TAUQIR SHARIF Description of Problem: A leisure centre is a place where people come to play sports or do some kind of fitness training. Leisure centres provide many sporting facilities for people to use such as football, badminton, squash and basketball. A leisure centre is a warm and entertaining place for the public to come and enjoy themselves, some centres even have on site bars to give members a chance to relax after their hard training. Lots of people book into leisure centres every day, the leisure centre needs to keep a check of the people who come in and out of it. They do this by giving all their members a membership card with a special identification number printed on it. They have a log of all the people who come in and use their centre. Their personal files and information are stored in a filing cabinet in the centres main office. This system has many drawbacks for example: * The files are very hard to gain access to this wastes time. * They take a lot of time to sort through. ...read more.


In addition I collected a data capulation form from Kelmscott. To solve this problem I will: * I will design a system that will help solve storage problems at Kelmscott leisure centre. * I will design a system that will be quick and easy to use. * I will design a system that will be secure and be protected. * I will design a system that will be accurate to stop errors. Design of Solution: In this coursework I aim to design a new system for Kelmscott leisure centre. I will solve this problem by creating a data capulation form and database for the centre. This will enable staff to sort through people's files quickly and in fields of their choice. For example the staff will be able to search for the youngest or oldest member in the database. People who want to enlist as members at the leisure centre will have to fill out data capulation forms, important information such as billing details will have to be entered twice all other information will be written in block capitals to ensure its accuracy. ...read more.


A member of staff will enter the data into the computer and after it is filled in the floor manager or person in charge will check it for accuracy. Data verification and validation: Data accuracy is very important because if the wrong details are entered the company may lose money, as they will not be able to bill the person. My database will be set up to minimise the possibility of errors. My database will verify by using the most common form of verification called the double entry system. This is when information has to be entered twice and has to be identical on both occasions. My database will not be able to validate, as this will be a manual process. Data and Program structure: Field Name Field Type Length Description Explanation Evaluation Of Solution: The system that I created did help solve storage problems. It wasn't quick and easy to use, as I never gave a good documentation. The system is also secure, protected and accurate in stopping errors. I had problems with giving documentation for the usage of the system as I found it difficult to explain how to use the system. If I had more time I could have written a better documentation. ...read more.

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