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Designing a Web Page

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For this coursework I have designed a Web Page using the HTML tagging on Notepad. Hypertext markup language, or HTML, is the basic tongue of the World Wide Web. From simple personal pages to corporate supersites, every Web page has its foundations set in HTML. We can access HTML "source" for any Web page we visit. On both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, you'll find "Page Source" (or simply "Source") listed under the "View" menu. I have made my website on cricket as it is my favorite game. My aim in making this website is to tell people about some of the things going on in the world of cricket. This website will also have a description of the game and how it is played. People who don't know about can read it and develop an interest in it. Specially if you see that in most countries cricket is not such a popular game and is not often played in with football, rugby etc and in some countries people don't even have a clue what this game is like so my webpage would tell them something about it. I have also included the latest laws of cricket which I got from the MCC. In this section I will describe what tools I used and where I got the material I have put in my website. * Sources These are the places I gathered the information from to use in my website. 1. Newspapers (Dawn, News and Nation) 2. ...read more.


If you can run a web browser, you can run Notepad. Clear presentation of HTML Notepad gives you clear, easy to read and full HTML. There is no code hidden, and you have control over all parts of the HTML code. JavaScript is also fully supported by Notepad. All parts of the JavaScript are fully available through Notepad, without the need of complex tools. All code written in Notepad is as you want it, with no other standards or coding methods imposed on you. If you don't want lots of tags defining every possible detail of the image that you have inserted, then you don't have to enter it! No more lines and lines of Copyright and META tags full of information that you don't want to be sending to people. Streamline your code with Notepad! * THE INTERNET As I designed a photo gallery link in my website I found all the photos from my official school site. I copied them & filled some more effects in them & made it look more attractive. * THE METHOD All the subjects syllabuses were included in my website therefore: 1) I first designed each of the syllabus separately on word & saved as web page 2) Than, viewing the source from my Main page, I inserted links of each of the designed pages using HTML language. 3) For some of the links, I inserted a picture referring to the link 4) I linked a school photo to the School's website. 5) ...read more.


I had put a picture referring to the link of the school's web site. For the EVALUATION, I'll be taking peoples opinion on the design of the website. Therefore, I'll be choosing a number of people to discuss with: 1) MR. YASIR BUTT (IT TEACHER) 2) OMAIR RAJA 3) SUHAIB RASHDI 4) MR. MEER 5) MR N. MOBSBY 1) MR. YASIR BUTT - Very well made, you have also included good looks in it. It is also very useful fro all the students, it gives him an idea on how the school works & on how is the standard of education. It looks good, It is quite attractive but the default page appears as a letter & that needs to be changed. Apart from all that it is very good, contains good data good photos and has given many facilities to the GCSE students. 2) MR. N. MOBSBY - Very good, it looks that you have put a lot of effort in it. The main problem in it is that the syllabus given in the site is not really the one we are going to use. You have actually inserted the content of the books which is not the things we rae exactly going to do but the main point is that it gives to the user an idea of what the system of education is WELL DONE. Photos should be of your own be careful next time. 3) MR. MEER ...read more.

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