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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1014

designing a website - report

Extracts from this document...


In my assignment of doing a website I have used the FrontPage. I have chosen this ICT application because of the easiness and very good GUI (Graphic User Interface) which allowed me to do many things without any problem. Another reason for my choice of this application is that this was the only one that I had access to in my school. To make my website, I opened the FrontPage application and went on the toolbar to File --> New Website. And the following widow has appeared: From this box, I have chosen the Empty Web Site and then I have typed in the name of my website. Then I clicked the OK button to close the window. After clicking on the OK button, I went to the Insert menu, where I choose the Navigation from the list. It took me to the window with the blank page where I had to click once on the picture showing a sheet which was the link to the New Page (shown ...read more.


to choose the theme. To make this, I went to the Format menu and choose the Theme option. This, as always, opened a window with many options. From this window I have chosen the theme with the name Ripple. In order to make the same theme throughout the whole website, I have clicked the option Apply as default theme. After that, all my pages looked the same in terms of the background and the colours (it does not include pictures from different pages). On the top of my website I put a banner which was done previously by myself in the Photoshop application. I have placed the picture on the top of the page i.e. in the shared border on the top, which made sure the banner is on every site. To insert a picture into my website I went to the main toolbar to the Insert and, clicked on Picture, then I have chosen Picture from file as my banner was saved in my documents as a file. ...read more.


This then I went through the process of adding images into the gallery which was done in the next window (Shown below). On the same page I have also used a move over effect. This is the effect of the picture that when I move the mouse over the picture, it changes into another one. To make it, I went to the View --> Toolbars --> DHTML Effects. The toolbar has appeared on the screen which looked like one below: I have used this effect with two pictures (one shows the left side view of the phone and changes to the right side view, and the other shows the front side view and changes into the back view). On other pages, I also have used some pictures and links which are Hyperlinks. I used the same method of putting a hyperlink throughout my whole website. This method has been explained earlier in this report. I have got the pictures in my website from two different sources: I. Internet (search engine Google) II. Digital Camera. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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