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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2380

Designing an IT system for an A level Student.

Extracts from this document...


A01 Task 1 I am an ICT specialist. I have worked for Dixons, Curry's, Comet and PC World. I have worked for many years and I am still working as an ICT specialist. I am a friend of John's dad, and he has asked me to get a computer to assist him in his A-Levels. He is currently decided to do ICT, Art/Design, and German for his A-levels. For ICT, a computer is a necessity for doing his work. For Art/Design, a graphic tablet and art programs are needed. For his German pronunciation of words and phrases, Rosetta Stone(r) is required; A German translator is also required. As John likes playing online games like Runescape, A fast and simple Internet connection is needed, so that John's games can easily and smoothly run. As he likes emailing, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Messenger are needed. Microsoft Publisher is needed to make the flyers that he makes to hand out to people that he makes and a printer to print them out. He needs a Music Generator, like FL Studio, to produce his original music. He also likes to listen to Girls Aloud, Windows Media Player 11 would be sufficient to play all his music. He likes photography, a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended will assist him in editing his photos. ...read more.


Speed: 26ppm B+W/14ppm colour Standalone Copying: Yes �58.71 USB Integral 4GB Memory Stick Memory Capacity: 4GB �14.99 Sandisk 4GB Memory Capacity: 4GB �34.25 Graphics Tablet WACOM Intuos A5 Wide Tablet Size: A5 �259.99 WACOM MTE450 Graphics Tablet Size: 147.6 x 92.3 mm �63.60 Speakers JBL Spot 2.1 Speakers Power: Main - 24 Watts, Satellites (2) : 6 Watts each, 12 Watts together �96.99 JBL Duet PC Speakers Power: 12 Watts �40.60 Webcam and Headset Philips SPC625NC VGA Webcam and Headset Resolution: 1.3 Mega Pixels Built-in Microphone Auto Face Tracking �39.13 PC Line PCL-300N Webcam and Headset Microphone for private conversations Still Image and Video Capture �12.99 Digital Camera Panasonic FX150 Picture Res: 15 million pixels Optical Zoom: 3.6 x Digital Zoom: 4 x Battery Life - 330 shots �243.99 Panasonic FS6 Picture Res: 8 million pixels Optical Zoom: 4 x �139.99 DVDs Verbatim 25 Pack Spindle �14.99 Verbatim 50 Pack Matt �14.99 Office Microsoft Office Professional 2007 �111.99 Joystick/Gamepad Logitech 963326-1914 Cordless rumblepad 2 2.4GHz wireless technology Super fast and lag-free gaming 10 programmable action buttons 34.99 Logitech Attack 3 Joystick �29.99 From Amazon From Amazon Microsoft Office Professional 2007 �229.18 Adobe Adobe Master Collection Student Edition �280.14 Adobe Master Collection Student Edition �280.14 Songwriter Finale Songwriter 2007 �26.92 Finale Songwriter 2007 �26.92 German learning program Berlitz German Premier �22.46 Berlitz German Premier �22.46 DVD burning program Nero 9 �36.19 Nero 9 ...read more.


Capable of storing a lot of data inside it Easily corrupted, Caps aren't usually secured to the USB so may get lost Small so can get lost easily They are good for backing up information but they may get lost and so if a backup of the data is not kept somewhere else besides on the USB, then the data will get lost. It is not the most reliable method so I would not use it External Hard Drive It is capable of holding masses of information It is big and bulky compared to the USB, so it won't get lost that easily It isn't something you would use for everyday use as it is big It can carry a lot of data, so I would use it to backup massive amounts of data CDs Hold a lot of data Cannot store a lot of information so a lot of them substitute one USB maybe Prone to breaking and corrupting It is the most unreliable form of backup, therefore I would not use it to backup my files DVDs Holds more data than a CD Burning takes a lot of time Like a CD it can break and so data is lost Like CD`s, it is very unreliable and so i would not use it as there are high risks of data loss and corruption Backing up on a USB Backing up on an External Hard Drive Backing up on a CD Backing up on a DVD ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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