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Designing an IT system

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Analysis Background to the problem Gala Visions is small video rental store on Whalley Range in Blackburn. The store is home to the many different genres of movies through Hollywood and Bollywood. It is run by Fakhir. Identification of Prospective Users Gala Visions is a widely growing video rental outlet for most of the Asian community where both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are found. Because of this, the outlet has grown out of the manual system that is at use for the renting of Video's/Dvd's. Its main problem is it is very slow and unreliable. Fakhir has been looking for alternative systems to upgrade the current system and to increase effectiveness in the business. Identification of User Needs I myself do go to Gala Visions to hire Video's/Dvd's of all genres. Fakhir has granted me full co-operation from his side to carry out my Computing Coursework which if effective enough he may invest in a computer with the system that I am going to produce. Q) How many videos/Dvd's do you have in stock? A) 3000+. Q) Do you rent out both Hollywood and Bollywood Movies? ...read more.


Q) Imagine that some Video's/Dvd's have been misplaced how do you account for them in stock control? A) We cant that's a problem we always face. Q) What does the BBFC stand for? A) It stands for British Board of Film Classification. Q) Do you charge for registration? A) No it's free. A Summary of the Investigation Through the two interviews that I have conducted I have a clear and precise overview of the current manual system at work. The points below explain this: * To hire a Video/Dvd the customer must be a member or else they are asked to become a member that is free. * Hiring involves taking details of the video and the member. * Returns are dealt by crossing out the record for that hire. * Over dues are charged fines and unreturned rentals are sometimes followed up with recovery procedures. The current system works in a very simple manner and there are quite a lot of problems in this system. To contribute to this there are a lot of constraints. These problems are discussed below: * Data is processed very slowly since whenever a customer wants to hire a Video/Dvd you have to record personal details in full, which increases the time needed to serve customers. ...read more.


These objectives are divided into general and specific objectives. General Objectives I want to produce a new computerised system that will: * Successfully gain, validate and store all the data needed to produce relevant reports and forms. * Reduce the time taken to record details on Videos/Dvd's, members and the rent/return procedure. * Record accurate data for the rent and return of videos. * Produce accurate reports. * Reduce the time to search and sort data. * Only allow the input and processing of 'rational' data. * Be easy to use and navigate through for even the most computer illiterate. * Be secure from damage and unauthorized access. Specific Objectives * Successfully create and maintain the Video and Stock files. * It should take less than 30 secs to record a loan and equally deal with a return. * Deal with the renting process by: o Effectively writing the appropriate details to the Customer file. o Correctly updating the number of Videos/Dvd's on loan to a customer in the Customer file. o Writing the correct Membership No. to the correct Video/Dvd record in the Customer file. * Deal with the return process by: o Decreasing the number of videos on loan in the correct customer record in the Customer file. ...read more.

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