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Desktop Publishing - Analysis

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Analysis It is important for me to have a good quality colour printer for a magazine. I will also have a larger, good quality screen so that the magazine can be seen easily on the screen. I will also need a good sized hard drive to store numerous graphics. Hardware Processor - I have an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX6700, 2.66 GHz so that I can create the magazine quickly RAM - The computer has 1024mb ram so that the computer can run a lot of programs at the same time. For example, I can open up the magazine and at the same time can manipulate graphics to be put on the magazine. Hard drive - I have a 200 GB hard drive so I can store many graphics. ...read more.


Desktop publishing - With this I can manipulate images easily. For example, I can cut, trim down the pictures, put text layers over pictures and. I can also fade and shade, put text around a graphic and also put borders on pictures and text. Therefore, I have decided to use a desktop publishing program as I will be manipulating graphics and text together. Inputs Data needed Data source Data type Company logo Company website Graphics Magazine price Sony records Text Colour scheme Mr Burke Graphic Features of front cover Editor Graphic Title of magazine Sony records Text Main graphic on cover Internet Graphic Company name Mr Burke Text Contents Sony records Text Backup strategy A backup of each magazine will be stored in an external hard drive. ...read more.


Hard copy I have a choice of which size paper I should use. I will print out the front cover on A4 paper, because all the contents of the cover will be able to be seen on A4. I will also need to print the covers out in colour because the graphics are in colour so I will need a colour printer to be able to see the colours fully. It will also be in portrait format because all the cover will be able to be written on portrait and landscape will not be needed. Soft copy On the screen, the magazine will be able to be seen, with my objectives included. It will then be able to be edited, checked or deleted, as appropriate. Flowchart ...read more.

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