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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 9560

Develop a spreadsheet application for the Ibis Hotel.

Extracts from this document...


Identify Objective The objective of the coursework is to develop a spreadsheet application for the Ibis Hotel. In the coursework I will discuss four main steps of software development- Identify, Analysis, Design and Implementation & Testing. Using the application software, the hotel can manage its staff and business efficiently and effectively. The objective of the coursework is to produce computerised business letter (using mail merge and other features instead of using a type writer). This is being done so that Ibis Hotel can publish their good works into the open environment and have more people visiting the hotel. This has been done so that the staff at Ibis Hotel will become more relaxed with their work. I will also create labels for the staff so that the hotel can use it for different purposes. E.g. used at the back on envelopes to give a sophisticated look. The two objectives of the coursework are - understanding of the software development and to use varieties of tools and techniques to meet the client requirements. Introduction Ibis hotel is a two star hotel in Stratford, and has 55 bedrooms, all with bathrooms and toilets. I am going to carry out my coursework assignment on the improvement on the computerisation of the hotel by using Information Technology. The hotel is dependant on a great deal on manual administrative work. I have checked with the hotel and asked if I could computerise the old manual system and improve the popularity of the hotel by using Information Technology. This problem is ideally suited to ICT, because a computer is very good for both formatting and typing in text and also for creating eye catching colourful graphics. Ibis hotel is a two star hotel situated in Stratford. Ibis hotel is one of the three other two star hotels in Stratford. Thus, it is a very busy hotel. It contains of 55 bedrooms with bathrooms and toilets, some have attached balconies, which cost a higher rate to the ordinary bedrooms. ...read more.


Information can also be added to these printed labels. The whole process does not have to e taken into consideration again if any of the points have to be done. By going to 'label options' any of the three (add, edit or delete) can be done very easily and is not time consuming at all. I have shown on the next few pages how to add or edit a new set of data into the database, so if any changes do occur in the future then it can easily be changed: At first the database that I have previously made on Ibis Hotel is opened. Now the file that the data has to be changed in will be selected. For instance if the data had to be changed and the data was present in the 'Staff Table' I shall select the file. Say for instance that I wanted to change employees number 7's name and full details as the employee is now not working in Ibis Hotel anymore. I shall edit the row and retype the replacement employee. I shave shown this below: This was the old database that has to be edited: Now I shave shown the edited database below: It can be seen that the Starting date at Ibis Hotel has changed. The database is then saved and this data will automatically be used in the mail merged word-processed documents. On the next few pages are the print outputs after the mail merge was used. First few pages are the personalised letters and the next are the printed address labels: IBIS HOTEL Northern Way Stratford London E15 4NQ 34, Forest Way Chingford London 02/05/2007 Dear Mrs Charlotte Gartley It has been a long period of time since you last stopped over at Ibis Hotel. Throughout you last sojourn, we have taken this precious time into consideration and have had a prospect to enhance the Ibis Hotel. ...read more.


Now these mail-merged letters will be sent to previous visitors that had stayed in Ibis Hotel form Mr Singh, so that they would come and visit they hotel again and enjoy the new services that are provided. The created mail merged address labels are also very handy, and are for the manager of Ibis Hotel to stick on the envelopes in which the letters are to be sent. Microsoft word was a very easy and superlative program to use and especially it helped me a lot in this task. Mail merge that is found in MS Word was a very straightforward and appropriate program. Mail merge helped me send a standard letter to a number of people on the mailing list. The staff at Ibis Hotel now are very familiar the mail merge and is used at all times whenever a standard letter has to be send to a number of people. The system saves time and is a very fast program that produces multiple copies with a template and data that could vary, depending on what type of standard letter it is. Mail merge, the process of producing a personalised letter by merging (putting together) the recipient's personal details stored on the mailing list or the business's database into the standard letter, is a very efficient contrivance and is not time consuming at all. It can get time consuming when the cutting and pasting procedure had to be taken into consideration and when the varying data has to be typed out again and again, this can get too time consuming. However, now Ibis Hotel can create many standard letters and the employee's there find it very easy to use. I have learned how to use mail merge more economically and how to use it in a real business position. My teacher and my GCSE textbook has also given me new techniques to use whistle using MSWord. The mail thing I have learnt is how to link a database to a mail merge. This is a very important factor that is to be known in any business. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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