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Difference between computerized and manual systems.

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Difference between computerized and manual systems Task Way to do it by hand Advantages of doing it by hand Disadvantages of doing it by hand Collecting Information about the travel agency Information can be collected by asking the agency's customers information about the travel agency and also by going to a library and looking in books to find information. The other way is to go the agency directly and get information. It is cheaper than using a computer to collect information because you do not have to pay for internet service. It is a long task as the information needs to be collected and then needs to be written down properly. It is a faster way of getting the information that I need because I can ask the customers or the agency exactly what I want them to answer. It is unsafe because a backup cannot be made easily. This means that once it is lost or damaged then it would have to be collected and written all over again. The information that I receive is likely to be true and accurate because it will be from a primary source. The information can be wrong because different people are likely to have biased views about it and the agency is likely to exaggerate if they want more business. ...read more.


Unlike a webpage, hand drawn leaflets are safe from threats like computer viruses and hackers which can wreck documents and cause a big loss to the company. They are likely to be less attractive than a computer advertisement like a website as a website can have many things like sound, audio, video which entertains the customers. Task Advantage of doing it on PC Disadvantage of doing it on PC Collecting information about the travel agency The information can be backed up very easily, e.g. you can just copy and paste the file to another storage device to keep it safe. Various copies can be made to make sure it is very safe. It is more expensive than using a pen and paper to do the same task as internet is required (which costs money). The information can be collected at any time during the day or night even at times when the agency is closed. Internet cannot be used for this task if the server stopped working properly because of certain circumstances. The information can be easily collected as you do not have to go to the shop; you can just copy and paste it straight from the internet. ...read more.


I could possibly add sound to it so that the website sounds and feels good to the viewers which would make them visit it more often. I will make sure that even the hyperlinks are very attractive and odd e.g. a picture or an animation so that viewers would be tempted to click them and figure out what they are linked to. I will also add more features like a secure online payment in my website so that customers can easily pay and buy their tickets with comfort even if they are purchasing it from a different city or country. This would help with attracting more customers. I can add security passwords to my work to make sure that it is safe from the misuse of unauthorized users. This would mean that the website and other work could only be changed by authorized users and no one else. Screenshots can be added to the User Documentation to make sure that the users know exactly what the user guide is instructing them to do. I can use brighter and more attractive colours for my logo and slogan so that they can grab the attention of everyone easily. Comparison of ICT to Manual = 1 Advantages and disadvantages of system =2 Alternative Solutions and future enhancement = 2 6/6 ...read more.

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