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Different legislations that protect people from the misuse of ICT.

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Report 3E. Introduction: In this report I am going to talk about 3 different legislations that protect people from the misuse of ICT. The legislations are all laws that are in working progress and all of them can if broken carry a prison sentence or a fine with them. Data Protection Act (1998): The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out to protect the privacy of personal information. It only covers personal information about living individuals, not about businesses. It covers data stored on computer or in a paper-based filing system. It lets people check what data is being held about them. The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out to protect the privacy of personal information. It is run by the Information Commissioner's Office. These are the 8 principles of the Data Protections Act: 1. Fairly and lawfully processed (used) 2. Used for limited purposes 3. Adequate and relevant. Only what is needed may be used 4. Accurate 5. Not kept for longer than is necessary 6. Accessible to the individual and able to be corrected or removed where necessary 7. Secure 8. Not transferred to countries without adequate protectioIn report 3B Dr Pratab used to input his clients personally information such as house address etc in to his computer. ...read more.


They have to assess the risks and do as much as they can to reduce them. This Act would mainly affect Nikesh Patel in report 3C. Nik was a disabled student and due to the muscle breakdown in his arms he is not able to use them to well and uses the computer most of the time to do his work. He is also unable to use his legs and so is also in a wheelchair most of his time at school. His school needs to ensure that Nik has regular short breaks from the computer screen so that he doesn't get eye restrains and headaches. They also have to make sure that they place him in a suitable place that doesn't get too much glare reflecting of his computer screen from the sun. In addition o this they also have to make sure that he is not at his computer all the time and also gets some exercise. He also needs to have a footrest so that his legs aren't straining too much. Evaluation of the impact of the health and safety act at work (1994): The law really helps Nikesh as this means that when he is at school he will not suffer any more injury alongside his disabilities. ...read more.


file sharing products such as limewire or bearshare to other companies such as apple who charge a small amount to buy the song. Evaluation on the impact of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988/89): If I am found or caught downloading songs illegally it is very rare that someone would prosecute me unless it was a really big crime such as me actually copying the song and illegally selling it to other people and making a profit from it with out the permission of the owner of that product. This is also the same with the copying of coursework as that too can be copyrighted if a student is found doing that then there are much worse consequences such as the student being withdrawal from the course for plagiarism. If I want to use a product than I need to get a license for that product which normally comes with purchasing the product in normally comes in the form of a code that is unique to that specific software only. If I do want to copy the product I need to get the permission of the owner or creator of that product which would come in the form of a license depending on the amount of copies I want to make. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bharat Patel 10N ICT C/W Report 3E ...read more.

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