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Different printers.

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Printers allow you to transfer images/text from your PC to paper, and can do so, using a variety of colour. In general, there are three different types of printers,two of which we are going to review. The three different types of printer are: a Dot Matrix Printer, an Ink Jet Printer, and a Laser printer. Laser Printers: The way laser printers work, is by using a print engine. This works by shining a very thin pattern of light, on to a type of metal drum. Black ink (toner), will stick to the parts of the drum that has been exposed to the light. The paper then rolls over the drum, and the image is transferred from the drum to the paper, but before the paper leaves the printer, it is heated to join the toner to the paper. ...read more.


Most laser printers are used for printing text and pictures in black and white, because although the colour cartridges give excellent quality, they are VERY expensive. This printer could be very useful when doing my future fashions project. The high-quality prints could be used to make leaflets/flyers, which could be used for advertisement purposes. Dot Matrix Printers A dot matrix printer is quite a contrast form a laser printer, as it uses simple technology, to that of a laser. The dot matrix printers have a head, which moves backwards and forwards across the paper. On the head there could be either nine or 24 steel pins, that imprint the image/text onto the paper, using an ink ribbon between the two. ...read more.


The dot matrix printers would be useful for my future fashions project, as the dot matrix could be used to print out receipts; and with the use of the carbon copy, one could be kept, and the other given to the customer. Each of the printers has its specific qualities, but one is better at performing certain tasks that the other. For example, laser printers have a higher PPM rate than the dot matrix, however, the dot matrix can produce a carbon copy. Also the laser printer has a much higher quality print than the dot matrix but is very expensive. The dot matrixes are quite cheap, but give a lower quality print. Dot matrix printers can be very noisy when printing compared to the laser printer's silent print. ...read more.

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