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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 16874

Different types of technology How I use ICT at home and at school

Extracts from this document...


Unit 3a - Different types of technology How I use ICT at home and at school In our current generation, the advances of mankind have been significantly massive. With technology such as laptops, iPads and such, old fashioned technology has been deemed insignificant. Just an iPad would have the capability blowing away the greatest technology from, for example, 10 or so years ago. And thus, technology is constantly being used; from ways to help advance and develop the world further on to being used for personal relief/enjoyment. But what benefits can we gain from using these technologies and why do we constantly use and depend on them over and over? Well, there are many different advantages to using technology and well as different uses the basics being - personal usage, social usage and home usage and each of these uses have their different benefits. Personal usage covers uses that benefit mostly the user him/herself, whether that may be at work, at home or even on the road. Social usage covers uses which are not only beneficial to the user him/herself, but also involves society with different interactions with the user and other members of society, whether on a social networking site or an instant messaging service. And lastly, home usage covers uses which are simply used at home whether that may be for comfort, general purposes or just for entertainment. Technology used for social use For technology I use for my own social use, I will be covering the following: * Blackberry Curve 8520 * Windows Live Messenger (MSN) * Facebook Blackberry Curve 8520 The BlackBerry is a smart phone with a whole variety of functions; the ability to use an e-reader, store and play different types of media, call people, video call people, message and picture message people, connect to a Wi-Fi or a BlackBerry connection, connect to other BlackBerry phones with the BlackBerry messenger and a whole other variety of features. ...read more.


You simply enter credit card details and purchase the download of the game. The PS3 also has the potential to play lots of various media as it is compatible with a large range of file types. It can view pictures from .jpg, .png, .gif etc to movie files from .avi, .mp4, .wav, etc to songs in .mp3 and other formats. This allows someone like me who likes to store his files on his PS3 a lot of ease as I can simply view them on my PS3 rather than having to transfer them. I can also listen to music and as I have quite an interest in music, I can simply play it on my PS3 while doing other stuff, maximising my relax and leisure time. What the PS3 also does it provide a substitute for a BluRay player, one of the most advanced video players of them all, with quality that is amazing and is the best currently available. It can also reflect this BluRay in its gameplay and is the only system to do this. This not only provides and astonishes me with high-quality gaming, but it also saves me money from having to purchase a BluRay player. The hard-drive in my PS3 is quite large but I store a lot of movies to watch on PS3 so it can get filled up quite quickly. It's 60gb, allowing me to put an average of about just around 80 movies. While this may be a lot, it can get quite full up, especially with the other stuff inside it. For an avid movie watcher like me, who also is very possessive of his movie files even after he has watched them, it means I need a larger size to store all my movies. While this may not be a problem as I can store the extras on my computer, it also loses efficiency as it'd take time to always transfer between computer and PS3. ...read more.


It can also create problems for the technologically impaired. The system can also be quite a nuisance and long process to install. The wires have to all be installed, placing a projector, a whiteboard, speakers and wires all joined together to join with a laptop. This can be a long hard process which possibly may need some rebuilding and be potentially even more expensive. Summary of advantages * Its interactivity provides new ways to learn * Involves students more directly into learning * Replaces boring classroom lectures to computerised activities * Can also do everything a projector is used for * Much more advanced than the usual whiteboard and board pen * No problems of dry ink or squeaking noise * Much easier to cater to a whole classroom * Everyone can participate in things such as quizzes, revision and other interactive-based learning methods * Cater to people who learn in different ways and not just auditory learners i.e. kinetic learners, visual learners Summary of disadvantages * Calibration errors waste time and are a nuisance * Technology may simply stop working which ruins the whole lesson plan and puts the class to a halt * One fault can easily stop the lesson * Extremely expensive * Complicated to learn how to use at first * Need to install the system into the classrooms * Need a projector as well as a whiteboard and a computer. * Need to purchase programs and software that deal and provide interactive learning Conclusion Overall, the interactive whiteboard system is a much more modernised and efficient way of learning that caters to a wider range of students and their different learning styles. However, its biggest worry is the price to modernise all schools and the errors that can occur, which would halt a whole lesson if there was even one fault in the technology. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Sadian Choudhury Candidate number: 7027 Leytonstone School 13411 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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