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Disadvantages of Ict

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The Disadvantages of ICT With all of the advantages that come with computer technology in present day the future, but with advantages there are many disadvantages. Most companies in some way depend on computers for their business. There's a problem though, computers are disadvantage is the cost of not only buying the computer equipment and software but more hiring those few who do understand computers. Not only are computer experts needed to manage and maintain networks but also needed as trainers. As new software as well as hardware are introduced to companies, the employees must know how to operate all of it. This means that the company must take time out to train their employees and, as technology evolves, retraining of how to operate these programs and equipment. All of these training costs quite a bit of money in training and equipment, many employees are fired each year. Some other factors which show disadvantages of ICT include: - Machines work on electricity, and if you get a power cut you would be lift stranded and can't do any work. - Computers are machines, like if you get a stroke sometimes you loose your memory, in a computer if there is a technical hitch and the computer crashes or locks up and you haven't saved anything you would loose all your data. ...read more.


Now with the option of video conference we can see our friends and loves ones where ever they are in the world, as if they are right next to us. With the many different choices given to us to communicate than before it allows us to stay in touch very easily. Getting access to information is also much easier, as we don't just have to go to libraries anymore to get the information. Using interactive CD-ROMS or maybe even getting it all of the internet. It is also now possible for Adults and Children to learn online, and therefore be assessed on what they have learnt, once they complete the assessment they will be given their qualifications. Thanks to the internet, we have the option now of home shopping, not just for clothes and electrical goods, now most big food superstores also deliver your weekly food shopping direct to your door. Now with most of the country having access to satellite technology for sports and movies, video, DCD and even computer games consoles people can receive all the different types of entertainment they want and require. Tele-working is one of the modern day facilities we have to work from home, all you require is a telephone connection and access to the internet. ...read more.


We at present in the UK are forbidden from carrying out genetic engineering and cloning on humans. Moreover the use of ICT has revolutionised the way we totally work. Most organisations and businesses would not be able to function at all if it were not for the use of computers, as some company's are fully based on the internet cutting out the middleman dealing direct with the customer. For instance if it was a online electrical goods company, it wouldn't be able to function as all its orders are taken over the internet. Computers can make life so much easier and quicker, which means that less staff would be required. Nowadays robots can also do most of the work of people in the manufacturing industries such as cap production. Most companies have realised and found from research that creating systems like the one that I have created greatly reduce the amount of work they need to put in, for the task they are required to complete. I feel that I can say with confidence that there would be hardly any difference between my system and one used commercially as I feel that mine would be used very easily in any organisation that have a huge number of staff. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chittal Patel - 59 - ...read more.

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