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Discuss how hard ware and soft ware of a C.P.U (central processing unit) could help a supermarket like Tesco.

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To: Managing Director From: David Healan Date: 16th October 2003 Subject: hardware and software 1.0 Introduction In this report I am going to discuss how hard ware and soft ware of a C.P.U (central processing unit) could help a supermarket like Tesco. 2.0 Findings 2.1 KEYBOARD Keyboards are used to input letters or numbers in to a computer. A keyboard can also be used to random tasks such as switch between programs, close program windows and to restart computers. So computers come with short cut buttons at the top of the keyboard these are active keys. There are two different types of keyboards and these are the QWERTY keyboards, which is a standard keyboard, which everyone uses, and then concept keyboard, which is used in MacDonald's, which on the keys has names of the meal you, can order. 2.2 MOUSE A mouse is used to selected programs and options in programs it is also used to highlight text in Microsoft Word and other text based programs. There are different types of mice, there is the roller ball, which has a scroll button between the two main keys, and there is the infa red mouse, which can be used from a distance with no wires connecting it. 2.3 SCANNER A scanner is used to scan images and documents onto the computer hard drive and then can be edited through certain programs and you can also email the document or images to other people you know. ...read more.


VDU stands for visual display unit. 2.12 PRINTER There are three different types of printers: - > Laser > Inject > Impact The laser printer prints out only black and white and it prints at a high speed. The inject printer prints out I colour and can sometimes be fast or slow. The impact printer is like a typewriter that prints out in a dot matrix style. 2.13 SPEAKERS Speakers are used to listen to sound on the computer e.g. music you download or some Internet sites have sound on them or they are used for sound on games and software. 2.14 MOTOR/LAMP/SWITCHES These are very rarely used and can be controlled by sensors. The motors can be used to move an object; the switches can be used to switch something on and off. 2.15 PLOTTER A plotter is like a printer it draws out diagrams and design images for a project you make in D.T. it uses different coloured pens to draw with. 2.16 INDUSTRIAL MACHINES These machines are used in school in a cad cam room. These machines makes thing that you design on the computer. These machines consist off: - > Cam 1 > Cam 2 > CNC Lathe The cam 1 machines is used to cut card of plastic, the cam 2 is used to cut plastic and the CNC lathe is used to cut or shape metals like aluminium. ...read more.


If computers were in a network these cables would be used to connect them all in one. These cables can consist of metal or fibre optic cables. 2.26 PORTS These are external points on a computer where input, output and other devices can be connected. 2.27 UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (USB) USB is used to connected hardware like scanners and printers to the computer easily. 3.0 Conclusion In this world of hardware and software it can help a growing chain store like Tesco by: - The checkouts don't just need keyboards to input the information of the products that people purchase you can use sensors or scanners, OMR, OCR and MICR. A supermarket could also use RAM and ROM. They could use the RAM for deals of the day, which are a one-day off, and the ROM to store the prices of the entire product in the shop. At Tesco they would use printers to print the receipt and use speaker to send messages to employees and customers; they can use a monitor/VDU to see the prices of the products that are being purchased. In the3 supermarket the security could use a joystick to move cameras around in the shop. They can use a microphone to tell customers the special deals of the day or week and they could use digi cams to find thieves. The supermarket would use ports on their checkouts to connect the receipt printer and the MICR to the main computer and cables would connect all of these and sometimes they might use USB. ...read more.

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