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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3215

Discussing legislation - Data Protection act, Copyright, Computer Misuse, Health and Safety at Work act, Health & Safety.

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Coursework 3E Legislation Explanation of the type of acts I am going to use in this coursework are Data Protection act, Copyright, Computer Misuse, Health and Safety at Work act, Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations Data Protection Act: Explanation: An Act to make new provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including the obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information The law gives people the right to find out what personal information is held about them in organisations. The organisations have to make sure that no one steals the information or it doesn't gets loss as if it does the organisation who break the data protection act can be fined and have to pay compensation to the data subject. The Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1989): Explanation: The copy right design and patents act makes it illegal to copy files without the permission of the owner or the copyright holder. The person who uses copyright files without the allowance can be fined at an unlimited price as well as the person who uses the copy knowing that it is copyright protected can also be fined. The Computer misuse act (1990): Explanation: The computer misuse act makes it illegal to do hacking or producing viruses and using them on someone. This act has been designed to cover problems such as hacking or even preventing viruses. Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) Explanation: The health and safety act has been designed to make sure that people are as safe as possible at there work. Employers who do not follow the act can face criminal prosecution. Employees are also allowed to sue for personal injury or even in some kind of cases Employers can be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter. Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (1992): Explanation: The health and safety regulations have specially been designed to cover employees who use VDU's for an important part of there work. ...read more.


Even if she puts music from cds she has bought on the mp3 player and her player gets stolen and someone decides to share the music he could also be in trouble as it is illegal. Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) The employer has a responsibility to * Take reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work., * They must provide safe premises and systems of work * Employees must be aware of health and safety information with leaflets and posters giving warning of hazards * Provide safe plant and machinery * Provide a safe system of work and competent, trained and supervised staff * Care for and supervise employees; particularly disabled workers, pregnant workers, illiterate workers etc. * Consult with employees on health and safety matters * Provide a save environment for customers or visitors who use the work place * Have a written code of conduct, rules regarding training and supervision, and rules on basic safety procedures Evaluation: These are the main laws which will affect the disabled person as I had mentioned in the disabled person coursework she works in Safeway and also is disabled and a female worker which means that she should be provided with al the help she needs. For example if she gets pregnant the employer has to take care that no problems occur which may affect her sp basically she should get reasonable work which she is able to do without any problems. Of course the workplace should be safe as if it would not be safe she could slip or any other problems could occur which would lead to a lot of accidents. There should be machinery available which has been tested and is safe to work with so that it causes no harm to the person who is going to use it. The employer should discuss any health and safety issues which the employee needs to tell. ...read more.


Every Employee has the right to work in a safe place which means that if the employer makes trouble and doesn't agrees that it is a unsafe place he could be in serious trouble if the employee decides to make a issue out of the case. Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (1992) These are acts which are mostly only used in offices in which employees have to work in front of screens and the employers have to provide screen equipment to the employees so that there eye doesn't gets harmed. Her are some examples of acts: * Provide tillable screens * Provide screen filters * Provide afoot supports * Provide adjustable chairs * Make sure all lighting is suitable * Make sure workstations are not cramped * Plan work so that there are frequent breaks * Arrange and pay for eye tests and provide spectacles * Provide health and safety training so employees can use their equipment safely. Evaluation: If the employer doesn't follow these rules he will create problems to the community as a lot of the people will start to have affects on there eyes and this would also maybe lead to some other problems such as if someone gets blind he will have to find his way and the accident chances of him will increase. SO the employee has the right to ask the employer for any screen equipment which would help him in the case of safety. And the employer will have to agree to it otherwise the employer is breaking the law. Conclusion Finally I believe that all of us should follow all the acts and rules and not try to break them as this will be helpful for themselves as well as for the community and others around them such as Companies. So all of us should try to follow the law and not create any problems. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zeshan Amir Coursework 3E Zeshan Amir Coursework 3E ...read more.

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