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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1800

Documentation of a database for a sports centre.

Extracts from this document...


Documentation of database Introduction The report is presented to Anna Thomas ("Get Active" Manager). There are many problems that have been stated in the letter from the sports centre. The first problem is the fact that the sports centre has difficulties managing all of the member's details. As there are a lot of members it is difficult to find the information based on the member quickly. It is also difficult to find groups of members and they need to change and check the age of the members (18 and over is an adult). Another problem is that when a member arrives the sports centre need to find and make the membership valid as they are "on site .The best piece of software to use to solve these problems are databases, in this case Microsoft Access. * Validation aims to make sure that data is sensible, reasonable and allowable. It does not check that it is correct. * A Key Field or Primary Key is a field within a database which enables every record to be uniquely identified. * Verification is used to verify that data has been entered into the computer matches the original source data. It does not check that the data is accurate. One way of verification is typing data into the computer twice. The computer automatically compares the two versions and tells the user if they're not the same. ...read more.


They will be displayed on a separate table to others with different surnames. However in the "Get Active" sports centre database, a query can be made to search for "date member joined" or "expiry date". This can help transfer the details of those who need to update their expiring membership, by sending letters (mail merge). The field names required: * Title * Forename * Surname * Membership Number * Date of Birth * Membership Type * Email * The search Criteria for these could be: * Gender Search (e.g. "Female" or "Male") * Surnames (e.g. "Smith", "Baker", etc.) * Date of Birth (e.g. "people born in the year 91") * Membership type ("premium", "standard", etc.) * Emails ("@hotmail.com", "@yahoo.co.uk", etc.) The data sorting can either be: * Ascending (e.g. A, B, C, D, E, etc.) * Descending (e.g. Z, Y, X, W, V, etc.) Report Design Reports are used to create printed results from a database. It is significant to show how the report is to be laid out; header information, main body, footer etc., and the query or data table it is based on. In this case, if a report was created to display those who memberships expire soon, the report will probably be laid out like this: Forename Surname Expiry Date Email Smith Dave 24-Jan-2012 D_smith@gmail.com Barker Joanne 31-Dec-2011 joanne-b@hotmail.com John Ray 2-Jan-2012 JRay@yahoo.co.uk Vader Tina 17-Jan-2012 TinaV@hotmail.co.uk The table has been sorted by ascending order (Surname) ...read more.


Also money is saved as well as being able to create quick result from the database. In addition, it can be easily printed or emailed to one another. It also allows the user to summarise the data as a whole (from all the data in the database). You can generate the reports in various formats (change the look/ style, etc.); this will enhance the understanding of the actual report. Furthermore, it can easily be backed up. In total it is a summary of the information in the report, which can be changed and relevant to your needs (the information needed - not everything, for example title, name, and contact details, however not membership type) When a teenager turns 18, a member of staff from the sports centre needs to change their membership type. This is verification. The day of their 18th birthday a verification box will show on the screen. It will warn the sports centre staff that they are changing to an adult, so they become a different membership type. What is a database design? It's the method of producing an in depth data model of a database. We can think database designs are like flowcharts. Consequently we can it helps us to reach the data simply and understand the database. It's the process of producing a detailed data model of a database. ?? ?? ?? ?? Teja Nareshkumar 11SF ...read more.

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