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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 7190

drum kit costing system

Extracts from this document...


AQA GCSE ICT Specification B Name: Nick Gibson Candidate Number: Centre Number: 51347 Contents Description of the task to be attempted 3 Analysis 4 Investigation 4 Interview 4 Observation 4 Analysis 4 Interview Analysis 4 Output Requirements 5 Input Requirements 5 Processing Required 6 Possible Solutions 6 Specification 7 Detailed Specification of Solution 7 Evaluation Criteria 7 Design of the ICT System 8 System Flow Chart 8 Implementation 9 Hardware resources required 10 Software resources required 12 Data collection, data capture and input 14 Data verification and/or validation 16 Data and/or program structures 25 Output format 26 Testing 28 Evaluation Criteria 29 Test Plan Error! Bookmark not defined. Testing Against The Test Plan 30 Evaluation 38 Evaluation of the system produced 38 Possible Refinements 40 Description of the task to be attempted Chris Wright owns a drum shop called Drum Gurus. It has been operating for about 5 years and he now wishes to improve the pricing system in order to provide a better service to his customers. He sells drum kits, cymbals, drums, accessories, and parts to customers. As there are more drummers coming onto the scene Chris is selling more and more complete drum kits as opposed to accessories and individual items. The current invoicing system is manual and time consuming. When a customer comes in to buy a drum kit it's a lot of working out because of the various code numbers and prices that are available. In addition the use of calculators to check prices can often result in mistakes due to human error. You have to make sure that you have typed in the right numbers and pressed the right buttons. He used to sell about 1-2 drum kits a week but now that his business has expanded this has increased to about 7-8 a week. It takes quite a long time to work it out on a calculator and then check if it's correct. ...read more.


It is also to save them time, if they keep typing in too much it will waste their time so the validation is to help them and help Chris to easily look up a customer on his database. Drop down menus The following information is entered into the model, using drop down menus: * Bass drum * Snare drum * Cymbal * Tom Toms * Accessories * Sticks, beaters and brushes * Stands and seats and pedals * Stools * Full drum kits * Payment method (credit card choices) All the information is contained and easily laid out in the data sheet. It is also easy to update it when Chris wants to add more items or change prices. Once I had all my data I had to input it using format control to the drop down menus. These following settings create the drop down menus for each category. * The input range tells the drop down the location of the list to be displayed; in this case the cells are D3 to D19 of the data sheet. * Cell link is located in the cell directly underneath the drop down menu, and is where the drop down menu will go on the interface. * The drop down lines tells you the amount of choices you want to be displayed. I want all 17 to be displayed. Justification The reasoning behind this is to help the user not to enter what they want. It is very time consuming to enter what they want and it also eliminated the threat of typing errors that would confuse Chris when he comes to search that item on his database. I chose drop down menus because they are easy to use and eradicates any mistakes. Numerical length Restrictions The numerical length is to help the user enter the correct data. I did some research and found out that the biggest phone number come to a total of 930599 if you add it up. ...read more.


I did this by seeing if the model came to the same price as I had worked out when I made a quote manually. Both of the answers came to the same total which indicates that the Postage and Packing and VAT was included without human intervention. 10. When an option changes the total price and the price next to the option changes as well. As I demonstrated in test 1, when an option changes, the price next to it changes as well indicating the total price for that one item. Simultaneously the total price is changed as well to keep up with the changing of the options. Possible Refinements Even though I fulfilled my evaluation criteria, there are some improvements I could make. I noticed that if a user wanted to buy two cymbals, but two different cymbals that it could not be done. They could choose two cymbals but they had to be the same kind. This was the same for all the other parts, if they wanted two or three different sticks; it was not possible to do this. They only way that this could happen would be for them to fill out two forms. That would be very time consuming. To amend this I would have had it where the user clicks on the item that he wants and it goes into the basket/invoice. Once it is there he can go back to the interface and choose another cymbal. There will be no quantity because to get two of the same cymbal he would just have to click on the desired object, go back to the interface and click on it again. That would not be very time consuming either. If the user made a mistake they could just click on "go to invoice" and just click on the item and press delete. Here is a shot of what the invoice should have looked like: ?? ?? ?? ?? Nick Gibson GCSE ICT Coursework coursework no[1][1].3 15 September 2003 Page 2 of 40 Nick Gibson GCSE ICT Coursework coursework no[1][1].3 15 September 2003 Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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