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DTP analyse

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Analyse Data collection: The required data will be collected from Mrs. Ishrat Ahmad Sumai files. This includes the details on every product and its prices. Mrs. Ahmad will give the background information of the perfumes personally. The pictures will be taken of the perfumes including, the products selected to be placed in the catalogue. The photos will be taken by me - I will be using a Digital camera. Background information about the perfumes, will be collected from the internet. Once the information is found, I will copy the text and import it into Publisher. Furthermore Mrs. Ahmad will provide all the contact details from the Sumai property details. Hardware: The hardware required for producing Mrs. Ahmad's catalogue includes: * A monitor * A CPU * A keyboard * A mouse * A digital camera for taking the required pictures of the selected products * A colour laser printer for efficient printing of the catalogues Required software: Paint: Paint is used for drawing. You can use the tools to create simple or elaborate drawings. These drawings can be any colour one wishes. You can print your drawings, paste it in other documents, or even attach it in an email. One can use Paint to view and edit scanned photos. However writing in paint can be extremely tough and tricky. ...read more.


Once all the pictures are taken and the prices of the items collected along with all the necessary information for the catalogue, I will start to create the catalogue. There are many processes that will be carried out in making the catalogue. Firstly if a template is chosen then the computer automatically processes your chose giving you the selected type of pages. However I will be making my own template from a blank page. I can make my first page a template and use it to show the same layout on all my other pages. I will create frames, text frames for entering the required details. Once I select the pictures I want to have inserted from the computers memory, the computer will process by choice and display the image where I want it to be. Names of perfumes will be written in graphical text such as word art. This will give the catalog a professional look. The catalog will consist of 7 pages. Data Flow Chart NO YES Output: To output any data, I will need a monitor screen and a color laser printer. The monitor will be used to create the catalogue, and enter any important data that is needed. The printer will be used to print hardcopies of the catalogue. ...read more.


After comparing a few back-up systems I decided to choose a USB the reasons for this are: * 1. A lot of data can be stored on a memory stick as mentioned before * 2. Files can be found extremely quickly. * 3. A back up should be located in another building. Security: Mrs. Ahmad requires security for her private details in the catalogue before it is launched, so no one copies the designs. She wants to avoid all sorts of against misuse and corruption that could cause any harm to her business. There are three main forms of security that I can apply to Mrs. Ahmad's computerized system and they are Access security, data security and physical security. Physical security protects the hardware This can be achieved through installing alarms, locks on doors, serial numbers to access the area where Mrs. Ahmad will keep her computerized system. Access security limit's a person's use of the computerized system 1. All authorized users should be given user names and their own passwords. This will limit unauthorized access to the network. 2. Users should change their passwords frequently. Data security prevents loss of data 1. Mrs. Ahmad catalogue can be made read-only so that it can't be altered or deleted by unauthorized users. Some files can also be hidden so that they can't be visible to everyone. 2. Mrs. Ahmad can copy or move her files somewhere for long-term storage, this is called archiving. ...read more.

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