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DVD/Video game rental shop

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Analysis The database that I'm going to create is for a small DVD/Video game rental shop. The shop is very small and all their records were created by hand on paper. 'DVDVG' (name of shop) has expanded and now has several branches. Their old method of storing records has become very impractical. Introduction DVDVG have been selling and renting DVD's and Video Game's for almost 2 years now. Their new system will have to include: > Data on products they currently own, such when was it last rented, how many times it has been rented, certificate, number of players, running time and other information that is related to the product > They will need to store data on all their customers so that they know what special offers they should give them. ...read more.


DVD's The information that needs to be stored on the DVD's is: > DVD Name > Certificate > Genre > DVD ID > DVD Publisher > How times been rented Video Games Information that has to be stored on the Video games are: > Name > ID > Certificate > Publisher > Number of times rented Customers > Customer name > Address > Telephone number > Date of birth > Number of products rented (Total) > Number of products rented (Current) > Last product rented > Membership Number Rentals > Customer name > Address > Any videos they are currently renting > Date due back for each video > Current date > Whether its overdue > Amount due if overdue Problems Their current system is very old and inefficient. ...read more.


> It takes a lot of time to find a specific piece of data because the entire database has to be searched. Problems specific to their database: > When the want to find customers that fit a certain criteria, for example when they want to send out offers/advertisements to customers, they have to sort through their entire database manually to find the customers that fit the criteria. This means customers sometimes do not receive information that may otherwise have led to more customs. > Some of their records might have been rendered illegible due to poor data maintenance. Since their databases are on paper, some they have been ripped or have had tea and other stuff spilled on them. > Their database relies completely on human input, which also makes their manual system highly susceptible to human error. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pedram Emrouznejad 11L 2 ...read more.

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