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E-commerce and Interactive Communications Methods

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E-commerce and Interactive Communications Methods E-commerce E-commerce means carrying out of trade and commerce (including shopping) via electronic means. E-commerce can be sub-divided into business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer transactions. E-commerce is sometimes known as e-tail, e-trade or e-business. There are a number of different uses of e-commerce. E-commerce can be used for marketing of goods and services; retail of goods and services; customer service and supply chain management (also known as E-procurement). Advantages of e-commerce: * * The ability to reach a wider market * The ability to find information on competitors and to compete with larger businesses on an equal basis * Lower operating costs * The ability to buy as well as sell goods on the internet * Being faster than traditional retailing * Cost savings on marketing and promotion, e.g. ...read more.


* Risk of fraud Interactive Communications Methods Interactive media is defined as the following: 'A new telecommunication system designed to permit two-way communications between televisions or computers in one location with software stored on a central computer. Can also allow individuals in distant locations to communicate, teach, or learn from one another'. Examples of interactive communications methods include CD-ROMs; letters, memos and e-mails; the intranet; one-to-ones; meetings; phone calls and videoconferencing calls. Advantages of interactive communication: * * The opportunities it provides for feedback * The greater degree of confidence it provides that the message has been understood * The recipient can to some extent control the pace of the communication * The message can be tailored to better meet the recipient's needs The Internet The Internet is the primary interactive media for advertising. ...read more.


list topics of interest and new information is sent directly to their to their computer screen * Listservers-it provide an opportunity to create an e-mail contact database automatically from information sent via e-mail or gathered via a form an a web page * Banner advertising- it is the quickest method of advertising if, they reach the right audience. Advantages of internet: * * It is very fast * Can reach a global audience * It is easy to use * The ability to compete with the large companies Disadvantages of internet: * * Can be very expensive to set up * Customers can be overloaded with information ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 7: Marketing and Promotional Strategy E4 Created by Baljinder Duhra - 51 - ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report shows a basic understand. However alot of these points are're given a reason and thus are't justified. The student has description what is meant by the term 'Interactive Media', however this is copied an pasted from ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report shows a basic understand. However alot of these points are're given a reason and thus are't justified. The student has description what is meant by the term 'Interactive Media', however this is copied an pasted from a website. The student will need to read this, and use their own words to describe the term. This would allow the examiner to see that the studs clearly understands what there are writing.

Level of analysis

Each of the bullet points should be explained and given the reason to why it's either a disadvantage or an advantage. For example the bullet point 'Lower operating costs', could state 'The website will occur lower operating costs, which the business has the ability to either lower prices of their product/services to beat their competition. Or there have the ability to increase their own profit margins, which will allow the business to generate more profit.'. This should show the examiner, that the student understands each point that there are making with a justified reason. The above applies further down the report of the sections 'Interactive Communication Methods' and 'The Internet'. As each billet point needs to be justified in some way.

Quality of writing

The report states 'eCommerce', however there have failed to mention that this stands for 'Electronic Commerce'. This will need to be in-putted into the report. On the flip side, the report does describe this term quite well and this is detailed.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 24/02/2012

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