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E-Commerce Report - the advantages to different customers.

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E Commerce Final Report 1. What is E-Commerce? (Definition) use the Teach ICT website to write about e Commerce Use the Teach ICT description - follow the link given http://www.teach-ict.com/gcse/theory/ecommerce/miniweb/index.htm 'Ecommerce' - Electric Commerce, is the sale and purchase of goods or services over the internet. It allows customers to make quick transactions and then have their product delivered to a pre-arranged location (home or work address). Not all products bought via e-commerce are physical. Concert tickets or last minute holidays can be purchased on the internet, and all that the customer receives is an invoice or email that is printed out to prove authentication. 2. In your definition or description of e commerce make sure you give a few examples of e commerce websites.(Screen Shots needed) 3. For each of the following write a couple of sentences saying which type of people would most likely buy these goods online and why? (What is the advantage of buying online for them rather than from a shop) ...read more.


Groceries and wine Somebody who doesn't want to spend their time in shops. Grocery shopping can be viewed as a laborious task - not everybody wants to do it. However, the introduction of ecommerce allows customers to order their weekly shopping from their homes and have them delivered the same day. Home and furniture items Somebody who lives in a country where raw materials may not be abundant Some countries specialise in making furniture, as they may have ease of access to high quality materials. However, some countries may not; most, if not all, of this furniture would have to be imported into the country. Purchasing furniture online may be the only way to ensure the customer receives high quality furniture. (There may, however be high costs, due to the quality of materials and shipping/importing the items. Movie/event tickets Somebody who does not want to waste time in queues, or on a telephone If there is a release to a new concert, tickets can be fully sold within hours. ...read more.


The internet allows the customer to see exactly what they're buying word-for-word. How has e commerce affected your family? (How much does your family use e commerce? How much of a benefit is e commerce to your family? What does your family buy on line and why? My family frequently use ecommerce. We usually use it to purchase electronic goods, as they are generally cheaper online than they are in stores. This is beneficial, as we can compare many stores at one time (without having to move from store to store). It also allows us to view a much wider range of products (some of which may not even be sold in shops). Another reason that my family use ecommerce is that products can be purchased at any time of the day. My family also use the internet for online banking - this saves a lot of time that would have been spent in banks. How has E-Commerce changed people's lives? (Use the benefits and disadvantages listed below) .Some of the benefits are: * They can choose products from a wide range of online 'stores' Conclusion: write a sentence about each of the following points: - Choice, convenience, cost, and location ...read more.

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Response to the question

Response to question - To what extent has the student answered the set question? How explicit is their response?

The report is quite good, however the report does lack detail. The report does have the structure required, and if ...

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Response to the question

Response to question - To what extent has the student answered the set question? How explicit is their response?

The report is quite good, however the report does lack detail. The report does have the structure required, and if the person were to add further detail by explaining and giving real examples the student may achieve high marks.

The table stating each different product, and explaining the advantage, is quite good. This gives a clear message, that the person understands how each different product/service benefits a user by using on-line retailers to purchase a slected item.

Level of analysis

Level of analysis - To what extent does the writer show appropriate analytical skills for this level of qualification? Have they made evaluative judgements using suitable evidence? Have these examples been developed throughout the response and has an appropriate conclusion been reached?

Some of the work does not match with others, and this could suggest that the work may be copied from different areas of the internet, and some has been writtern. In order to achieve higher marks, any research online should be re-written into the student words.

Additionally, the section 'What does your family buy on line and why?', is lacking detail. In order to improve, it would be good to use real examples which would support the student's view's.

Quality of writing

Quality of writing - Is the writing accurate in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation? Has the writer used technical terms expected at this level of qualification? To what extent does the writer follow conventions and expectations for written work at this level?

The student users the word 'eCommerce' were necessary. The work does meet the GCSE expectation with knowledge of how eCommerce works and the potential benefits to consumer's.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 17/02/2012

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