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E-commerce - the legal considerations

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  • Essay length: 1373 words
  • Submitted: 06/06/2005
  • Reviewed by: (?) danielbeal
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GCSE Legislation & The Legal Framework

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The first 200 words of this essay...

E-commerce - the legal considerations

There are lots of legal considerations and I've tried to include some of the main ones. Although e-commerce can mean a lot of things, here I've related it to actually selling items on a website (although a lot of the legal considerations would need to be considered even if you were not selling on the web.

Data protection considerations

The Data Protection Act lays down lots of rules that must be adhered to. If this is a website for a company that is already trading and keeps customer data then they should already be registered with the Information Commissioner but you may need to review what's been registered. The main points you need to consider is that for any data you collect on the site you must:

* Deal fairly with the info

* Tell the customer what data you collect

* Tell them what you are going to do with it

* Keep it safe and secure

This should be set out in the website's terms and conditions (and you should link to it at the main point where you collect the data)


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Review of essay

Reviewed by: danielbeal

Rating: 3 star(s)

Response to the question

It's important to understand that the Data Protection Act is not rules, but laws. The website will need to implement the regulation in order for the website to be within the legal requirement. There are eight main principles within the Data Protection Act, and these eight principles should be explained and briefly stated how websites will be able to undertake each of the principles. The report doesn't contain this information.

Level of analysis

The section 'Website Terms And Conditions' is quite good, as this states what website's should undertake in regard to T&C. However the report could include a screenshot of a real example of a website were it has T&C's, and the box which consumer's have to tick before their continue to purchase their product/service. The sentence 'Blind People' mentions the use of screen readers, and the student has touched upon how websites use 'Alt Tags' within their website. The report actually uses the term 'Alt Text'. This area could be improved by writing something on the lines of 'The website could use Alt Tags, to ensure that people with screen readers are able to understand what images are on the website. This works by placing an 'Alt Tag' on each image. This is a short description of each image.'. The above would show an in-depth understanding of how websites can ensure that people with screen readers can view their website with ease.

Quality of writing

The first paragraph is written poorly, as when reading the sentences doesn't make sense. In addition, the report states '(although a lot of the legal considerations', however there is no end bracket and this is missing. This paragraph will need to be re-written. The term 'DDA' isn't explained and all technical terms within the report should be explained. This is due to that the examiner may not understand these, and it's important that the examiner can understand what is being written by the student.

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