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E-Commerce Web-Sites Report Case Study

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E-Commerce Web-Sites Report Case Study 1:Amazon.co.uk Arguably the best e-commerce site on the web, amazon.co.uk is a very famous site. It has lead the way for many sites, and online businesses. The criteria are as follows: * Speed of Page Downloads * Navigation * Ease of Use * Range of Products * Secure Server Speed of Page Download Impressively, amazon.co.uk manages to download entirely in the first three seconds. However, it's American counterpart takes twice as long. Both of these times are acceptable however, as a recent survey has claimed that the average internet user will wait for a maximum of 10 seconds and then will press the back button. This time actually reduces as you visit the site more and more as the images are stored on your computer, and so can be re-used. This speed is consistent on every page, even unvisited pages. Navigation Amazon has been held up as an example recently, as it's "three clicks to get anywhere" system grew steadily more popular. It's not entirely true, but navigation is still exceptionally easy. A small table down the side reveals all the places, and sub-categories available within that category, while a toolbar at the top makes it easy to flip quickly from books to music, plus underneath is the main sub-categories available. Ease of Use Once you have found what you want, and been persuaded by the reviews to buy it, you must click the elusive "Add to Shopping Basket" button, which actually took me some time to find (but maybe that's just me). ...read more.


All pages appear speedily, and even the most complex pages take no more than three to four seconds to appear. Ease of Use Tesco.co.uk is an easy to navigate through site, with its toolbar at the top, with entries to "Home, Shopping, News and Features, Talking Tesco, Register and Sign-In, Help". This is all one big frame at the top of the page, so no matter how far the user scrolls down the page, his navigation options are still open to him. The area you are currently at is in a darker shade of blue, in comparison to the other tabs. There is also a frame at the side of the page, with the same places to go to at the top, plus all the sub-sections available to visit. To find any one particular thing is very easy, although it's not so easy to use if you are a browser. Range of Products Tesco seemed to me like a more complete, if not in as much depth as amazon.co.uk. They offer food, clothes, books, music, computer/video games, electrical items, groceries and even flowers! However, there is a down side to all of this. In some of the book's sections for example, next a book there would be a short description such as publisher, date published and so on. Click on more info, and all you get is a larger picture and the same information all over again. However, in their computer section they do provide lengthy descriptions, plus a jargon buster for the people who don't understand the language used. ...read more.


I can't find a "buy this deal now" type of button anywhere! How do lastminute.com make any money? Secure Server I can't seem to find any trace of it simply because I can't find the "buy now" button. However, I did find some details about it. Apparently, "Our secure server software encrypts information, ensuring that Internet transaction stay private and protected. Lastminute.com uses a security protocol called "SSL3"." That's what Lastminute claim anyway, and I can't test it out. Total I give Lastminute.com a 6/10. Best Overall E-Commerce Site I have chosen Amazon.co.uk as the best overall e-commerce web-site. As you can see above, it does include many things, which the other sites, have forgotten, or not included. For example, little things can make a difference. In all the other sites, secure server information is locked away in the Help pages, whereas with Amazon's site, the words "Your credit card details are 100% safe with us" plastered in the same place on every page does help shoppers remember which online shops they will buy from. Their web-site also works well, and is constantly fast. I do not get any error messages like I did yesterday with BOL, or incomplete web pages with HTML strewn about everywhere. I have shopped with them before, which proved to be a painless experience. If you're looking for something specific, or just browsing, to see what you can find, Amazon is your kind of shop. As a runner up, second prize goes to Tesco.co.uk. A very helpful, and easy to use site although it was let down by a lack of a secure server. Samir Juthani 9th April 2001 ...read more.

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