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Effect ICT has on Society.

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There are lots of advantages, such as the machines produce more product for these companies increasing their profit, they are not very likely to break down but if they do they are normally relatively easy to repair. These machines mostly are used in factories producing things such as cars, these machines are made to do one job only and do it very quickly and efficiently whereas if a person was to do it, it would take a lot of time and cost the company a lot more because they would have to employ lots of people to do specific jobs. ICT is used in the home for alarm systems, personal computers, remote controls, DVD players, VHS players and television. ...read more.


Shops use ICT everyday to run their business. Barcodes, electronic scales and labelling system and loyalty cards are some of the uses of ICT in shops. Loyalty cards are used to get customer information so they can find out exactly what people are buying and they can send coupons to the customers to attract them back to the store, they can also receive points for shopping regularly, meaning they get money off. Barcodes are used so the company knows what's been brought and when; this is then automatically added to the stock list. They are used as an order system, they are also used to find the best selling brands this is an easy way to find out as all the products that are sold are recorded, so this is an easy task to do. ...read more.


Traffic master is a voice that tells you where traffic is congested and how long the delay will be. Due to the increased worldwide use of ICT many jobs have been lost. People have lost these jobs because of the new technology that can do the job for them it is quicker, more efficient and cheaper for these machines to do the job. The businesses don't have to pay anyone they just have to ensure that the machines are in full working order and if not then a technician should be at hand. Another disadvantage of the increased use of ICT is if the system breaks down there is only a slight chance the information can be saved, this can only happen if there is a back up system working, if not then files could be easily lost. ...read more.

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