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Effect of Legislation on the Internet

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Life in the Information Age: Legislation ICT has impacted on every area of our lives, but the rate at which it expands leads to concern of its security. ICT Legislation is put in place to protect users of ICT because the internet can be accessed privately; people interact and behave differently online where they think their activities will go unnoticed. Because the internet is largely unregulated it has the potential to promote criminal activities. In the UK the last legislation against the internet was the Data Protection Act 1998. The Data Protection Act is the law that governs the processing of personal information held on living, identifiable individuals. The Act requires that you are open about your use of personal information and that you follow certain principles for processing that information. ...read more.


The legislation has meant that those convicted could face a maximum of five years imprisonment. One story of this grooming is of Michael Wheeler jailed for six years for attacking two 13-year-old girls, published by the BBC, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3067607.stm But yet the internet is supposed to be about free speech and freedom of information. If you have created a new invention then it would need to be patented, this would come into affect by the Copyright, Design and Patents Act. This Act also covers the illegal downloading of software and music over the internet, and the unlawful practise opposite to the affect of this act could land you with six months imprisonment and/or �5000 fine. Hacking amongst the internet generation has been known of since the very beginning, by stealing vital information from various people computers. ...read more.


Mobile locations are tracked by the service provider. Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) knows which websites we have looked at, and Sky TV knows which channels we prefer. So everything we do is monitored in one way or another. The need for the advancement of legislation becomes greater everyday as more and more people are using the internet as a source of theft, but legislation cannot keep up with the times, as the process of completing it takes too long. I believe Legislation can help us in the battle against internet fraud, but it is how the public will respond to new legislations and how the persons breaking the law will respond also. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonathon Pearce 12 BKD 1 ...read more.

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