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Effects of Ict

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Effects of ICT New Technologies The new technologies in the computer industrial have made major advances. This has opened new jobs but have also lost job. Things can be done faster and over night. It has become easier and faster to send thing across the world. Mail has become so fast that you van now see events and meet with people in video with people that are on the other side of the world. From the invention of the computer people has tried to make them smaller and faster. In the beginning they made 3 forms of computer, apple Macs, IBM mainframes, and desktop pc. When this was going on IBM were leading the way with the mainframes but as IBM moved into making mainframes the desktop pc began to get popular. IBM was forced out of the industry. Since then they have lost out on a lot of the market. This led the market open and has been filled with other companies. Since then there has been a lot of new technologies like faster internet and the need for speed as increased and the need better communication between people all over the world. ...read more.


This means when you pay for goodies the money is transferred directly into the supplier accounts. It doesn't just work on a small market but when you buy stokes and shares they are paid directly and the value can go up or down according to want you do. In offices these days they will put a computer work station at every desk to have easy access to the documents and other personal or business resources. This is capable cause of they network that the computer is connect to. The environmental Effects of ICT The effects of Computers in the environment is that we don't use as much paper as we used to so therefore there have been a lot less trees cut down due to this. With no computer powered machine to cut the wood there is also a lot less wastage from other forms of waste from the wood and the paper being wasted. In an older office they would use a lot of paper to write things down to remember things. This made people use more paper and when there was a memo going round the office they would use the paper to write it on to. ...read more.


These are used for gaining information on people. Data Protection Act The data protection act of 1984 says that data that has been acquired lawfully from then person that the data concerned. It should also be up to date. There was a new data protection act of 1998 says that data can be build up over time but I needs to be keep lawfully and not given away for unknown uses, They should be given a small amount of information that would need to be transferred between two companies. Valid Data It is important that data is kept up to date by the companies cause if it is stored on a computer over a long period of time this has to been change in order if someone was to change there address or change the job. This is done by legitimate sources for the persons that have been put in to this. Everyone should be very careful on who they give out there data to. Security of Data The companies that also have the data need to keep are stored in a safe place and have it up to date. This has protected your files from hackers by using an encryption of data. This means that your data has to be secure in all ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 -Patrix Foune - ICT ...read more.

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