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Electronics & Today's Society.

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Electronics & Today's Society Introduction Electronics has had a major impact in the lives of billions of people worldwide, in many different areas. Here are a few examples of machines that we simply could not go without today: Heart-beat monitors, without a heart monitor doctors would not be able to tell when a person goes into arrest or if their heart is having problems. This is potentially fatal. Another example of a system that has had an effect on society is a seismograph. These detect earthquakes, although they cannot give us much warning, they help us to understand how earthquakes work and hopefully give us an insight in how to detect them earlier and consequently give earlier warnings and save more lives. The above two systems are what I would call "vital" systems. This is because they both are designed to save lives. I think that above all, the purpose of electronics is ultimately to save lives. Of course there are many other uses of electronics in society, but I think they are all second-place to the advantage of saving peoples lives. There are millions of other uses of electronics, for example electronic tagging has become commonplace in shops. These are little tags, which set off an alarm if someone tries to walk out of a shop without buying the item and the tag being disabled. This is extremely helpful to shop owners because it cuts down shoplifting greatly. ...read more.


It is hard to say what the future of the Internet is, but it looks as if eventually every household will be connected to the Internet. Apart from this continuing spread, I do not see how the Internet will change in the future, it will just continue to grow and become more and more competitive. The radio is another system which is widely used. A lot of people get up in the morning and prepare to do their daily work, while listening to the radio. Radio not only has uses in leisure and entertainment, but during wars and emergencies, radios can be used to keep in touch with each other, and to give orders to troops etc. The radio is the basic technology behind things like mobile phones, microwaves and even remote control cars. Today, the radio is mainly used for entertainment and leisure, because it is such a widely spread system that people are almost constantly within earshot of one. This allows news from around the world to be spread very quickly, giving the everyday person more idea of what is going on in the world. Although this is true, the radio is still used in places such as the armed forces, or the police because of its ease. I think that in the future, radio will still be around because it is a cheap and very popular way to communicate. ...read more.


Overall, I think electronic communications has had a positive effect on our lives. There are many detrimental effects, but due to the ease of which we can communicate due to electronics, we can organise our lives with much more ease. This huge factor sways my opinion into the positive side. There is however a limit. The continued development of electronic communications could seriously affect our culture. For example, business men and women will stop meeting altogether! They will conduct business via electrical means. I see this as a positive effect because it will save people travelling around so much, meaning pollution will lower. It does take the spirit out of the business, which for some people takes out a big part of being in a business in the first place. For most though, I think this would be a positive effect. There could also be a detrimental side to this, for example today our school system runs with people all gathering at one place. This allows education to take place easily. However, people forget to see the side of school where friends are made. If electronic development continues to such a degree that schools are no longer needed and people can learn from home, then schools may cease to exist. This would have a big impact on children's lives because they would therefore make no friends. They would only know other children who lived say in their road. ...read more.

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