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Evaluate the benefits of a particular spreadsheet solution and describe potential refinements to improve efficiency at the bookshop.

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D1: Evaluate the benefits of a particular spreadsheet solution and describe potential refinements to improve efficiency Excel offers many faciliets, one of them being shortcut keys. A shortcut key makes it easier for a user to move among large or multiple worksheets. 1: shortcut - key 2: effect For moving around a worksheet: 1: Ctrl + End 2: This moves the cell pointer back to the last cell used in the worksheet 1: Ctrl + Home 2: This moves the cell pointer Moves to cell A1 1: Home 2: This moves to the beginning of a current row e.g. column A1 1: Page Down 2: This moves the screen one down 1: Page up 2: This moves the screen one up Selecting Cells 1: Ctrl + A 2: This selects the current data region in the worksheet 1: Ctrl 2: This allows you to select regions that are not next or close to each other Moving between worksheets 1: Ctrl + Page Up 2: This moves to the next worksheet 1: Ctrl + Page Up 2: This ...read more.


To edit them, you can double click on them, spreadsheet will open and you can make your changes there. Advantages of using spreadsheet to JEM bookshop - Spreadsheet is very flexible If JEM Bookshop uses spreadsheet, it would be very flexible, as you are able to open there data anywhere-as long as they computer has spreadsheet, which most computers do- or save it on the USB, and bring it to meetings outside their firm. This shows that spreadsheet it used by many people and can be used by many software's or technologies. - It can be used for all types of applications As I said previously, JEM Bookshop can Use their Spreadsheet on many applications, such as: Microsoft office for mail merge. The applications that spreadsheet can used for, are widely know, and used around the world. - The structure of table allows it to store values that represent sales figures, profit, number etc. This would help JEM Bookshop with their finance, as they could create their Break even chart; Profit and Loss account; Balance sheet; Gross Profit Margin etc. ...read more.


it would be more efficient easily to use, it saves time for the business thus, allowing JEM Bookshop to spend more time on their business. In reality JEM bookshop could use spreadsheet for a lot of things, rather than by doing it paper based. It provides better security, accuracy and reliability. A lot of successful business use spreadsheet in order to produce chart or graphs for a presentation or just using it to solve financial matters. Not only is it easier, but it provides many tools such us, filtering, sorting, calculating etc. Refining your solution to make it easier for users to use: Step 1: lock cells Step 2: Highlight required cells that needs to be locked Step 3: Select format and the cell selection Step 4: Drop down list appears Step 5: click lock cell. You could use this method to lock important cells, like the cells in the diagram below which, you don't want other staff or public to touch or change. ?? ?? ?? ?? Huriya Nazari D1- Unit 10 ...read more.

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