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Evaluating a relational database solution

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Evaluation Evaluating a relational database solution- Performance criteria and desired outcomes- The database will contain all required details: Criteria to implement: Successful or Failure: A student table with essential details (StudentID, Forename, Surname, DateOfBirth, Gender, Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, Postcode, Telephone Number, Mobile Number, Email Address) * Done A course table with essential details (CourseCode, Course Name, Course Category, Course Description, Course Date, Course Time, Length Of Course, VenueID, Tutor Forename, Tutor Surname) * Done A venue table with essential details (VenueID, Venue Name, Address1, Address 2, Address 3, Postcode, Telephone Number, Tube, Buses) * Done A course selection table with essential details (ReferenceNumber, StudentID, CourseCode, Accepted, Letter Sent) * Done A way of showing students details of a certain type. * Done A way of showing courses details of a certain type. * Done A way of showing venue details of a certain type. * Done A way of showing course selection details of a certain type. * Done Final invoice should be laid out exactly the same way the sample letter is shown. * Done Students detail must all be given on the letter. * Done Must be sent to the correct students - accepted or rejected. * Done Must have the applicant's course, which they have been accepted or rejected for. * Done The first part of this Task will be carried out in Microsoft Access At the beginning of this project, I set the database some objectives that I hade hope would be achieved. Some of this were done with great success whereas others not so well. ...read more.


I could do all of these things in records as well, but with the records I could use one page for just one persons information rather than having all information set out on one page. I could also revert from welcome pages to different records and use buttons to direct me from one record to the next etc. Looking at the original design and the final piece, there are many difference, in fact I have basically changed the whole design. But I feel that it has been a successful move and was definitely not done immediately. It took many steps to improve upon the previous versions and printouts, but as I said, I feel that this has been a good move. I feel that I have covered all areas available to me in the project and have used most of my computer skills to produce it. I am very pleased with its outcome and the comments made by people on the publication. I think by printing out copies of the publication as I went along helped me to see mistakes and therefore put them right. You will see the step-by-step route I took by looking in the implementing design section, where I have shown in detail how I managed to get to my final piece. If I were to extend on the piece I would have to think carefully as to what was wanted by the school or a similar school so that this could then be added. I was pleased with the pictures and the text and the layout of the publication and would not change any of the immediate layouts. ...read more.


Mail Merging > This allowed me to create a standard letter and then merge it with the data from the database. During the merging process data from fields in individual records in the source data is inserted into spaces that have been specially marked in the standard letter. So a 'personalized' letter is produced for each record in the source data file. I felt that mail merging is a very quick method of producing letters which each contain virtually the same information except for the names, addresses and course etc of the people in each letter. I only had to produce one standard letter in order to produce many mail-merged copies. Penultimately, I would recommend to anyone who is using Microsoft Access to have worked with a 'paper-based system' such as MS Access because it requires a lot of thought from the user and it will be difficult to pin-point an aspect for an inexperienced beginner. However, for a user to use Microsoft Word it will be straightforward using features such as: bold, underline italics etc. Thus, they must be very cautious when they are using the 'mail-merge' because the process is achieved by a step-by-step method and the slightest of mistakes can take the user off the significant criteria - So they have to pay attention to their preceding action. I enjoyed working with these packages - MS Word and MS Access; because I feel that I have learnt a lot more concepts of what the packages are capable of producing. I would be most obliged if I have to work on such a sophisticated package in the aftermath. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Project Md. Shahajada Chowdhury 5613 1 ...read more.

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