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evaluation of a manual library system

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EVALUATION OF EXISTING SYSTEM There are advantages as well as disadvantages in managing the data manually. ADVANTAGES: > As the work load is heavy more staffs are appointed; less unemployment > The materials required are very inexpensive so this will save lot of money which is used up in buying expensive materials. > The chance of miss using the data is less as the records are kept in a filing cabinet and the key is with the librarians and the session supervisors. DISADVANTAGES: > Requires more staff, so more salary has to be given. > Filing cabinets are needed to store the records so the space in the library will be less. > It is time consuming when searching the library card as they are not ordered in a regular manner. ...read more.


Moreover Rang check and Feasibility check can be performed in some fields by computerizing. Increase data security A password will be needed to login to the system. This can protect the records from unauthorized users. The password will be with the librarian and the session supervisors. Take regular back up By computerizing the system we can take regular backups of the system after every session Update information faster The updating of information will be faster than before as the librarian is using a computer. Reduce filing cabinets Instead of files the records will be stored in a computer. This will increase the space in the library. ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION > Computerizing the existing system. > Use readymade software. > Increasing the staff. Computerizing the existing system ADVANTAGES: > This will reduce mistakes as validation checks can be performed on some fields. ...read more.


> It is efficient and reliable. DISADVANTAGES: > It may not have all the features that we require. > If the changes are made once in software it can't be replaced again. > Buying ready-made software is costly. > If the software breaks the whole system will break. Increasing the staff ADVANTAGE: > The work load can be divided among the staff. This will reduce the work load for individual staff > The work can be done faster with more staff. > Double checking and proof reading can be done with more staff. So the chance of making mistake will be very less. > If one staff is absent his/her work can be taken by another staff. DISADVANTAGE: > More salary has to be given as more staffs are there. > As the number of staff increases the school has to provide more space. > With more staffs the staff may face problems such as jealousy and other problems inside the school. ...read more.

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