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Evaluation of design of a data capture sheet.

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For task one I was asked to design a data capture sheet for new customers to fill in with their information and to build a database for the Megavideo employees to fill in with the customer's details. I had to make an input mask for the telephone number, a validation rule for gender, set a default value for county and finally had to create a report of all the Megavideo members. The target audience for my data capture sheet was the new Megavideo customers as they would have to fill it in and the target audience for my database was the Megavideo employees as they would be using the database to search for detail, add new members ect. I had to make my data capture sheet easy to fill in as new customers would be using it and I had to make my database easy to use for the employee. ...read more.


This will validate the data going into the database using validation checks. It will ensure the data is the correct type, checking to see if the data is reasonable, sensible, appropriate and allowable. * Selecting a key field (eg. a membership number) so that each record can be uniquely identified. * Printing records, for example all members in alphabetical order grouped by membership type. * Coding data. By doing this I will take up less memory space. For example f=female m=male. Doing this will allowed quick entry. The advantages of using Microsoft Access are: * Takes up less space than a filing cabinet * Easier and quicker to search records than having to sort through a lot of records in a filing cabinet * Easier to edit data on screen than using tippex on paper * Easy and quick to edit the database The advantages of using Microsoft Word are: * Makes documents seem more professional as they are word processed. ...read more.


I did not because I could use features such as wordart, autoshapes and spell check on Microsoft Word. My chosen solution for the data capture sheet was effective as the information in it quite was clear and easy to read, as was the font. The information was also easy to read. I think that I could have improved how clear the information was in the data capture sheet as it was printed out in black and white but I had made it in colour, meaning it was quite hard to read. On the database, I think I could have improved it by putting the information in a more logical order. Doing so would have made it easier to fill in. If I could do this task again I would have put the information in the database in a different order to make it easier to use. I would also of changed the colours on the data capture sheet so it was easier to read. ...read more.

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